SANTA MONICA—On June 17, at 6 p.m, Santa Monica Public Library will show a screening of the movie “Pitch Perfect” at its Pico branch.

The 2012 movie follows Beca (Anna Kendrick), a freshman at Barden University who would rather drop out of school to become a DJ. Her father, a professor at the university, makes her a deal: if Beca will give college a chance and join a student group, he will support her decision to become a DJ the next year. Beca is still unsure, but is eventually cajoled into joining the struggling all-girl a cappella group the Barden Bellas. As a member of the Bellas, Beca has to fight against the leader’s resistance to change and lackluster repertoire in order to lead the Bellas to victory against their rival group, the all-male Trebletones.

Based on the book “Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory” by Mickey Rapkin, the movie garnered mixed reviews from audiences and critics alike. Some praised the crude humor, arguing that it was high time for women to get into the gross-out comedy territory long dominated by men. Some felt the humor was over-the-top and unnecessary—or, worse, not funny.

The movie was popular at the box-office, netting a gross of nearly $65 million over the course of its theater run, and spawning a sequel. “Pitch Perfect 2,” which was released on May 15, 2015. The sequel brought in just over $70 million in its opening weekend.

The screening is one of many events offered by the Santa Monica Public Library, which also hosts author talks, concerts, book discussions, and workshops.

Admission is free. The event will run from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Pico library branch, located at 2201 Pico Boulevard.