SANTA MONICA—The city of Santa Monica is conducting a second phase of data collection and analysis on the well-being of its residents.

Back in April 2015, the Wellbeing Project released their findings to the community and has been working to better understand the areas which excel in the research, as well as generating ideas in assisting the areas of deficit.

The necessary funding for the launch of the project was fulfilled by an innovation contest back in 2013. Since the launch of the program’s endeavors, 35 other cities have expressed heavy interest due to the success of the project.

After winning the $25,000 prize from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for efforts of promoting health in the city, the second phase will aim toward community connectedness.

Besides gaining insight into the complex nature of a city’s community health, the project aims to give government officials concrete data to better the community in specific and effective ways. Some ideas have already been implemented, including public transportation services, the promotion of healthy options for food stamps, and communication growth in the home life. The study by the Wellbeing Project aims to aid in the evolutionary growth of society.

The updated version of the index will include statistics related to crime rates, school communities, and social media.