HOLLYWOOD—In the tradition of Halloween, “Scream Queens” is upping the level of horror with its latest episode paying tribute to haunted houses with an episode amply titled ‘Haunted House.’ The episode opened with Chanel posting a video message showcasing her love for the holiday Halloween. Chanel delivered creepy gifts to those who are avid fans of hers.

Back at the sorority house, authorities investigated Dean Munsch, as Gigi and Wes were pegged on her being the killer. Denise Hemphill continued to point the finger at Zayday as being the killer; whoa, this character sure knows how to deliver the laughs, to say the least. Grace and Pete arrived at a trailer that belonged to Maggie, a former Kappa Kappa Tau sister who was present the night one of her sisters died in that bathtub. Pete’s impression of Matthew McConaughey was spot-on, just hilarious.

A flashback revealed the sisters, Ms. Ban and Dean Munsch deciding to bury the body, while Munsch kept the burial of the body top secret from the ladies to protect her career. When Grace and Pete questioned her about the baby, the sister noted the baby was a girl, not a boy! Vital clue people, vital clue!

Zayday had a conversation with Earl Grey (Lucien Laviscount), a member of the Dickie Dollar Scholars. The ladies back at the house were carving pumpkins, as Chanel continued poking fun at Ms. Bean’s death. It became apparent to Chanel that she has a nemesis, when Zayday announced she is running for president for Kappa Kappa Tau. Chanel and Zayday are now mortal enemies. The sisters decided to compete with Zayday’s fundraiser with their own fundraiser, a haunted pumpkin patch.

The Red Devil killer dispatched of the former Kappa Kappa Tau sister who told Pete and Grace a bit much about that night. Hester and Chad bonded over their love of dead bodies in a cemetery of all places. Wes’ love of scary movies is beyond creepy to say the least. He’s more into the movies than his students. Grace confronted her father about secrets involving her mother, which prompted her to suspect that she is the child of the sister who died in that bathtub at the Kappa Kappa Tau house.

He didn’t flinch when she confronted him, which prompted me to suspect that he’s not lying. Pete and Grace met at a mysterious home on Shady Lane. Grace and Pete weren’t alone; Denise, Zayday and Earl joined the fun, as Denise chronicled the tale about the haunts of the home. One of the highlights of the home was a room full of dolls that was also tied to the 1995 crisis. Denise confronted Zayday once again about chopping off the arms of a Dollar Scholar frat brother. Zayday confronted Denise about being a pledge at Kappa Kappa Tau, where she was rejected. Chanel was determined to ruin Zayday’s fundraiser by passing out flyers warning co-eds of the danger.

What the hell? Are these ladies seriously eating cotton balls? Funny moment to see the ladies beat up a couple of guys who objectified them, it was a big social moment, but could one very much take it serious. Chad and Hester snuck into the creepy haunted house planning to get hot and heavy. They stumbled upon all the bodies of the Red Devil killer, which freaked both of them out. When the duo tried to warn the students, it only made them want to visit the festive home more.

At the haunted house, Zayday was stunned to come face-to-face with tons of dead bodies that weren’t being taken seriously by the authorities. She came face-to-face with the Red Devil killer, just as everyone else at the house suspected that the campus is not a safe place.

Dean Munsch did her best to prevent Wes from going to the media to spill the beans. The Chanels decided to host their pumpkin patch, just as Grace and Pete discussed that a mysterious woman in black was stealing diapers and milk. So it became apparent that this mystery character was taking care of the Kappa child.

The episode culminated with that mystery figure being none other than Gigi! Nice twist, writers; I did not see that one coming. But hey, what happened to Zayday? Until next Tuesday “Scream Queens” fanatics!