HOLLYWOOD—So much has unfolded on “General Hospital in the recent weeks, but one thing that has not changed is that Nina Reeves will have an epic fall when her secret is exposed. The amount of after effects of her reporting a tip to the SEC regarding insider trading that Drew and Carly indulged in his having massive ripple effects. Look, I know I’m not the only person upset with the fact that Carly has not seen any blow back in this melee, but you can blame that on the writers.

For some reason the “GH” scribers are picking and choosing who suffers on the soap opera and it is not an equal playing field people. Nina is the villain and Carly is the hero; that is a narrative that immediately needs to be switched ASAP because no matter how you look at it Carly and Drew committed a crime and they got caught. Plain and simple, but this is a soap opera so that is where the problem arises.

Drew is taking the brunt of the backlash as he decided to offer a plea bargain, where he might get six months in prison. There is a problem with that; the judge didn’t think that was a fair shake. The judge decided that Drew should get 3 years behind bars. Michael and Carly and Zeke, Drew’s lawyer were stunned by that reveal in the courtroom. Let me just say this, Sam is not going to be happy about this.

She already lit Drew ablaze about him taking a deal that takes him away from Scout for several months, which is about to turn into years after he was out of her life for more than 2 years already.  Sam has a point, Drew is being selfish and Carly needs to carry some of the burden here because if she wouldn’t have acted on what Michael and Drew TOLD HER not to do, none of this would have transpired.

This notion that Carly being taken from Donna and Avery’s lives is a valid excuse, but Drew has a family and loved ones as well and they should be considered. Everyone falls on their sword for Carly Spencer, and it is time for Carly to face the music for her actions. I mean this woman kept a mother from her child for over a year because of a grudge. She got scolded, but nothing like she should have suffered because it was ‘Nina.’ Do people not understand a lot of Nina’s behavior is a direct result of her being cut out of her daughters lives? First, Nelle and now Willow and in both cases Carly was connected to the truth coming out. There has to be some level of accountability held on Carly people, plain and simple.

I want to revert back to Zeke because I thought his presence in Port Charles might be short-lived, but it seems that is not the case. He slept with Jordan and heard an earful about her kiss with Curtis, which he spilled to his sister, Portia. Portia was in uproar about Curtis’ betrayal, but come on pump the brakes Portia, you KEPT A CHILD FROM CURTIS FOR NEARLY 20 years. That does not compare in the slightest bit to a kiss. What you did was way worse because Curtis was deprived of having a relationship with his daughter and Taggert had a bond with a child severed that doesn’t even belong to him. Your secret destroyed way more lives people.

Ned has awakened from his coma, but as rocker Eddie Maine, which has Tracy, Olivia and Brook Lynn concerned about his bonds. As Alexis said it best, let Ned think he is who he thinks he is and he will come to at some point. Which I happen to agree, because when his memory does return it will all be connected to Nina’s exposure, which many viewers are hoping comes out in the next month and is not dragged into November Sweeps.

In addition, we have to speak about Elizabeth and Finn getting closer, Ava and Austin being entangled with Mason’s boss, someone who Austin seems to know, but refuses to tell Ava. All the viewers know is that it’s a woman and apparently she has an interest in Sonny Corinthos. Could it be Selina Wu? Maybe, but that doesn’t seem shocking enough. There are only two people I can think of who would have a score to settle with Sonny, A member of the Zacchara family, but Claudia is dead right? The only other person could be Olivia Jerome, but her connection to Sonny was not really territorial. She more wanted to torture her brother Julian, so perhaps Olivia is back to settle the score of Sonny killing her brother.

I want to see more with this narrative because it is quite exciting to say the least people and it feels the audience gets very minimal crumbs. I will admit I am concerned about Spencer and Trina because it feels like they are drifting apart because they are unable to spend time together. However, that tidbit Trina shared with Josslyn about Victor planting fake evidence against Esme could come into play very soon.

I have no idea what the writers are doing with Anna Devane. She is being labeled a murderer and I have the slightest clue why. It seems now that Victor is out of the picture, she doesn’t have much of a story, just as Valentin jets off to others parts of the country with Laura and Kevin as news about ‘Nikolas’ may be in play. Yeah, he’s being held by Mason and his boss, so I’m not sure where this information is headed people.

Gladys was exposed by Cody, Spinelli and Sam, but they couldn’t gather the evidence to expose her. Why? Selina Wu. This woman is becoming more and more a staple in PC and causing more trouble as she warned Cody and Gladys to co-exist and not impact her business, just as Sasha’s doctor has ties to Selina and buttered up Gladys. Uh, when the truth about Gladys is exposed it will not be great people; and the level of suffering she will sustain is not going to be good.

Tracy is still being Tracy, just as Chase informed Brook Lynn that Nina was at the scene of the crime of Ned’s accident. The wheels are starting to spin in Chase’s head and you can expect Nina to have no allies in PC once the truth comes out, maybe Ava, but she’s getting entangled in a mess that is going to have major repercussions for her as well.