SANTA MONICA—The Santa Monica Police Department has issued an apology after initiating a program meant to deter crime in the neighborhood. SMPD stated that the system would play classical music at traffic lights as a part of a broader city-wide initiative. The new system was installed on Thursday, July 6 near the intersection of Ocean Avenue and Broadway.

Residents complained that the music was too loud and made it difficult to sleep.

“The cameras were installed on Thursday and the volume was set at an acceptable level and unfortunately the software glitched on Tuesday and reset the volume to the highest level possible,” the department explained. “We truly do apologize to all those impacted.”

According to the SMPD, the system was designed to prevent trespassers in the neighborhood protecting the community and enhancing public safety.

Some residents took to social media and expressed their opinion on the new initiative.

“I think it’s a fine idea as long as cameras playing classical music are not a replacement for officers on duty,” wrote Suzie Mannara.

Donn Umber wrote, “Maybe intersperse the classical music with an occasional play of Hawaii Five O’s theme song.”

“Hearing about this today from various friends disturbed me to my core. I can’t describe to you how the lack of consideration for the mental health of residents made me feel,” said Helen Zielinski Landon.

The music has since been turned off and the department welcomes any suggestions and feedback for alternative solutions.