HOLLYWOOD—Well, it has happened people, but are the charges going to stick? I’m referring to mobster Sonny Corinthos being arrested last week on “General Hospital.” With that said, Carly was a savior for Dex who was almost arrested as the Feds closed in. However, Sonny was not. A public spectacle was made at the Metro Court as he was placed in cuffs. Kristina was outraged, Nina was baffled, Sonny was calm, but Willow and Michael were a bit speechless.

So now the big question becomes, who turned Sonny in? Was it Josslyn, Michael, Dex? I doubt it was Carly and the other three are feigning ignorance which means Sonny has another enemy we don’t know about, or this could be a possible ruse to further expose the threat Sonny knows is after him and his family. It’s Cyrus, Sonny, but we shall see how long it takes you to connect the dots, considering, Carly and another PC resident spotted Austin leaving Pentonville. Yeah, he was paying Cyrus a visit, but the flags have been raised people.

Nikolas is very much alive, and he’s been cared for by Austin, who has been hiding him out at a house as he recovers. Oh, Ava is going to be livid when she discovers that Austin has known all this time Nikolas is alive and has kept her in the dark. It feels like the writers are setting up Austin’s downfall and it could be epic. Austin and Mason, if you were not aware, are tied to Cyrus Renault, who has been simply using his time behind bars to continue his criminal organization.

Yes, Cyrus has been after Sonny all this time, even though we all expected the big bad to be someone else. Cyrus as a reveal was ok, nothing epic, but I still think there is a bigger boss in play, and I hope the writers stun the viewers with that reveal as we near October or even November Sweeps.

Tracy has been exposed for her role in gaining leverage on Deception. Why a lawsuit was issued and it went to court and Lucy was not pleased to say the least. Brook Lynn you might want to spill NOW and not later. When Maxie and the others learn that you helped Tracy it’s curtains for you. The fact that Maxie and Lucy know what Tracy is up to it’s going to be obvious she had help and the target will land right on you and that’s not good. Maxie already suspects Brook Lynn and with Spinelli she’ll get the evidence she needs to prove the ruse.

Hate to say this, I want to see Tracy and Brook Lynn’s downfall, but the fact that Brook Lynn is getting a pass, even Chase knows what she was up to and is not that bothered by it. Hell, he asked her to move in with him, but I still don’t think Lucy and Maxie will be pleased when they get confirmation this woman duped them who they suspected to be their friend. It just further proves Brook Lynn will always do what best suits Brook Lynn, no matter who gets hurt in the process.

Janice learned from Sasha that Dr. Montague has been drugging her and Dante is also aware of Sasha’s setback. Why is this important? Cody has found a way to get himself committed to Ferncliff as he makes moves to help Sasha and to expose Gladys. Gladys is in major trouble as Dr. Montague wants his money and without it he plans to continue to drug Sasha, which has forced Gladys to go to Nina, of all people, to ask for help. Nina is no idiot and is starting to question what Gladys is up to and Sasha’s sudden 360. Nina gave the money but plans to spill to Sonny if Sasha is not released.

Sam is so smart; she is aware Gladys is tied to Dr. Montague and has been playing poker with Selina’s goons at The Savoy. Yeah, this woman came to Sonny asking him to make a move and that was quickly shot down without a hiccup people. Chaos is erupting and I like it. Maxie and the kids have moved into the home once resided in by Lulu and Dante. Yeah, there has been plenty of Lulu talk as of late and something is making me think, Lulu Spencer might be making a grand return very soon.

As for Sonny it is looking like someone truly did want to nail him, Dex may have made a mistake with that evidence of Pikeman that could have remained in the cloud or on a server, but who had access to it, that is the question, and precisely what is Nikolas’ entanglement with Cyrus? We have more questions than answers currently “GH” fans.