HOLLYWOOD—There were some big returns, and I mean big returns on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” The first one was slightly expected, as Philip Kiriakis returned to Salem after news of his father Victor passing was announced. Yes, Philip’s return shocked many faces in Salem, Brady and Chloe being at the top of the list. Who wasn’t shocked, Kate, who has known her son has been alive for nearly 2 years and has kept those details very mum.

Chloe was angry for the time being, whereas Brady took out his frustration with a punch directly to his face and wanted to press charges. Belle and Chloe wanted him to be the bigger person. Look, Brady has dealt with a lot of crap, but asking him to turn over a leaf for a guy who framed him for murder is a bit much. Ok, he was mentally ill, but lying for 2 years, while Victor and Kate knew the entire time, that is a tough pill to swallow America, I’m sorry.

Xander and Sarah are getting closer. I’m sorry I love these two, I always have. Xander is good for Sarah and vice versa. She changed him into a better man and with Sarah going into labor he came to her rescue. The question that now remains is when the truth will actually come to light. Everyone suspects it, Xander would be foolish to not simply ask for a DNA test as confirmation of what he suspects. However, Rex is totting as the father to be as he dropped the news to Kate and Roman who were aghast that their son is about to be a daddy and to a woman whose heart still belongs to Xander to say the least.

Ava is being haunted by visions of Susan as her presumed death may have been greatly exaggerated. How so? Harris is hoping that Marlena can help Ava unlock the truth that she has purposely or unexpectedly locked away about that crash on the cliff. Ava isn’t the only one dealing with regrets, as EJ is determined to make Ava pay for ‘murdering’ his mother and plans to use Xander to do it, which is a full circle moment if you actually think about it. What the audience has suspected is true, Susan is very much alive, but where is she and is she being held against her will? Seems like Ava knows those details and they are starting to unravel.

Sloan lost the baby as noted in the last column, and thanks to a bit of coercion from Melinda decided to keep lying to Eric about Nicole having his baby. Yeah, Sloan, this is not going to end well for you at all. Much better to confess the truth than to keep lying to a man who DESPERATELY wants to be a father. With one secret still looming, another has been exposed in a major way. Gabi and Stefan have gotten the details on what Dimitri and Kristen have been up to. Dimitri thought he was clever at having Leo pose as his lady to be, to prevent the truth about his inheritance being exposed coming to light.

Lucky for Dimitri and Leo, the lawyer is not a fan of homophobia and delivered the first installment of the inheritance to Dimitri. There is one major problem, Gwen and Stefan deduced that Dimitri was cheating on Gwen with another woman that was until Stefan dropped the bomb that the woman is actually a man, Leo Stark! I am worried about Stefan and Gabi, especially with the arrival Vivian Alamian.

Yes, that Vivian, Stefan’s mother who returned to Salem just in time to bid farewell to Victor K and drop a whopper of a secret on the family. For those not in the know, Sonny is also back in town, as well as Theresa. Yes, her arrival took Brady for a loop to say the least, and a few kisses transpired as a result. Would I like to see them back? Nope, I want to see Chloe and Brady reunited, that is the love affair that I need to see flourish.