UNITED STATES—Months ago I told you all about how redheads are SPECIAL and that I should’ve been a princess because of my link to the royal Plantagenets. Nobody cared. Well now I can add the fact that my blood is O- along with its RH- status that some purport contains ALIEN DNA!

Are you one of the 15 percent of earth’s population that shares the RH factor, or better yet the lack of RH?

Merriam Webster defines RH Factor as “a substance that is present in the red blood cells of most people” and certain primates too.

For those without the RH factor, called RH-, the pregnant woman’s immune system will attempt to fight off the normal RH baby in utero, just like if you try to combine other mammals that cannot breed. This of course fuels speculation that those with the RH- factor are not entirely human.

(Anyone who has watched Ancient Aliens on the History Channel knows exactly what I am talking about. For those of you who don’t watch I will admit, I didn’t start because I believe in aliens but because I enjoy listening to smart people conceptualize, whether fueling each other or opposing, like the show HOT BENCH.)

This RH factor was something I never paid attention to when it was explained to me in 1992, I only understood that I needed a shot because of it.

But now, everything I read is interesting. Click here for a website that gives facts about the RH factor and a nice baby-in-belly diagram. The website agrees with the rest I have read: RH- blood is of unknown origin.

So now, we add another piece to the puzzle. Haplogroup X, and its unknown origin. The fairmormonblog.com informs us that unlike other haplogroups, GROUP X is “not geographic specific” and can be found in “in several places around the world.”


According to worldfamilies.net, HAPLOGROUPS “are the groupings of mankind based on analysis of the DNA which has been passed down from our ancestors since the beginning of mankind.” A haplotype is a set of alleles, and alleles are defined as genes that “determine the hereditary characteristics.”

DNA is passed down from father to son through the Y chromosome and the same for mothers and daughters with the mDNA, leading all the way back to our original ancestors, referred to as “Mitochondrial Eve” and “Y-Chromosome Adam.”

The unknown Haplogroup X is believed by some to be extraterrestrial, adding fuel to the origin story of the Anunnaki: Mesopotamian deities who many believe traveled to earth from the stars.

All these unknown factors and mysteries makes me believe that yes, there must be something to all of this!

Caucasian mummies with red hair have been found in some odd places, ancient albinos from Senegal, and both Irish and Paiute Indians have mythological stories of red haired humans coming down from mountains and clouds, tall, like what the half-angel Nephilim’s were described as.

Then, of course, you have people who believe survivors from the flood that took Atlantis went on to become the fair-skinned civilizations of Berbers, Guanche, and Basques.

According to ancient-atlantis.com, these three groups shared mythology and practices with many other early civilizations and religions.

One thing is for sure, brains of all kinds will continue to explore these mysteries for us to know more about our origins!

If genealogy and genetics are your thing, make sure you check out Finding Your Roots. Ancient Aliens on the History Channel will scratch your alien itch, without a doubt and as I said before, interesting even if you are a non-believer.