UNITED STATES—I am tickled pink to be shouting out across the nation from New York, with an opportunity to find an audience of people that can handle my opinion! I must give a generalized apology to anyone I offend though, and remind that these words are mine and in no way the opinion of anyone else…

I promise though, I have NO anti-male agenda!

The age-old stereotype of a big-mouthed New Yorker does fit me well. I could tell you why because I DO have a theory for why many New Yorkers are big mouths, but will save it for another posting! All that matters is that I have developed what could be considered a hypertrophic (increased or exaggerated) personality flaw of opposition toward certain types of males. I find myself choosing whether to be respectful, based solely on how they treat me or how I have observed them treating others.

This is because I was raised to be subservient, to please man. Taught that women were too dumb to drive. If our husbands wanted us to go somewhere they would take us, so there was no need to have a driver’s license. I remember being dropped off by grandpa at a bus stop that took us downtown, then he would be there waiting for us when the bus came back.

That backward knowledge era for me was in the 1980s and I still fight the instinct to serve, or check myself for ‘ladylike’ appearance and etiquette if a male enters the room!

After seeking education I learned to recognize illogical thought processes, in myself and others. These two factors combined made my mind like a yin-yang of opposites: feisty vs meek, loud vs quiet, smart vs dumb.

Something I refer to as my dual consciousness. When someone calls me smart I feel the need to tell them I am not. Alternatively, if they call me dumb I tell them no I’m not. It is an odd paradigm inside my head, allowing the ability to analyze and write about a wide variety of topics and from many different angles. Or at least that is what one side of my head is telling the other!

I have a bad habit of talking to people across the country in an odd attempt to form my own version of a national consensus on a variety of topics, from deviant desires and sexual norms by age and gender, to childhood abuse, to polling a preferred term or way to describe something.

There is something that is consistently asked after one of my long-winded and opinionated tangents: Am I a man hater? As I reread the articles under the columns published thus far, I can see the anger everyone talks about. It makes me feel the need to put a disclaimer out that YES, I do like men and I really am not out to get you all.

As far as those types that I conflict with, I reckon it to be like how astrologists describe whether horoscope signs are compatible or not. Take a book that has been on my shelf for decades but I never read: Linda Goodman’s Love signs. These types generalize people under umbrella terms that I believe should be thought of in a personality trait sense instead. We all have personality types we conflict with, or avoid, based on us each as an individual.

I do not like men that act in any number of ways that I perceive dominating men act. Arrogant, better than, in charge the minute they walk in. Answering questions without reading the whole question first…

Ordering you to get them a drink when they first set eyes upon you in the home. I am sure at least one reader will know exactly what I am talking about. I rebel immediately with a ‘if I want you to hold my chain I will hand it to you’ type attitude.

It is this reason why I will apologize one last time, before we start a New Year!

I am sorry that I am destined to rub some humans in the wrong way: both with my natural oppositional rebellion as well as the fact that a lot of my theories or other writing pinpoints man as the causation for some things. This does not mean that I think all men are the same, or that I want to take away the rights of those I do not particularly like, just that I have a lot to say before I leave this earth, and I relish the opportunity to say it!