UNITED STATES—Yesterday I told you how to fix AMERICA’S children, and today I’ll give my narrow perspective full of big dreams and ideologies for a GOOD, HAPPY, and SAFE America FOR ALL…


It is no wonder we are losing the respect of foreign nations, QUICKLY.

First, we go to other nations and tell them what we think about their inhumane laws, yet here in America domestic violence, rape, murder and incest ARE COMMON.

Kind of hypocritical, no? How dare we try to clean out someone’s closet when OURS IS FILTHY.

Second, we are a sinking ship that cannot take on any more bodies, not unless they’re here to help us fix our problem. We need to protect our borders from the tools of terrorism and other undesirable factors that are destroying communities we are trying to stabilize from rampant addiction, mental illness, and criminality.

WE need to stop the immigrants that are coming here simply because we’ve been pegged as an easy welfare nation. The only way to accomplish this is to change our process because what we are doing now IS NOT WORKING.

We must inspect thoroughly before granting permanent citizenship, in order to weed out the people JUST HERE FOR THE FREE STUFF.

People WILL pledge to the ideals of THIS COUNTRY before the legal process to live here can begin. If within 2 years an immigrant doesn’t have good standing with a job or education, CITIZENSHIP WILL BE DENIED!


Before the shit hit the fan recently, I was conceptualizing a piece to do with my idea of reparations. The talk of a payout or repayment for cruelty has made many groups that perceive their own injustice or travesties, ANGRY.

For me, it’s the group known as women who I feel were more oppressed, and for longer periods of time, than ANY OTHER GROUP.

So to evaluate potential reparations is to also determine what slavery took away from black people that cannot be said of women who were sold or bartered by their father.

It was a question I pondered for YEARS until I came up with the answer. The number one thing black people AS A GROUP with ties to the origin of our country and slavery, have lost more than any other loss…

Family history.

White women may have been forced to uproot and live with monsters, but they always kept the knowledge of family history via maiden names which chronicled where they came from.

This cannot be said about the original generations of slaves that came here against their will and reproduced, with children sold and never heard from again. This is why America should most certainly sponsor a DNA database for those who desire finding these LOST ROOTS.


The “get over it” mentality needs to stop. We know trauma affects everyone in different ways and we need to be able to therapeutically work through it.

Here we are with our country divided, AGAIN, because there’s white people who hate black people and black people who hate white people…



Is it fair to make them choose, especially those who have both colors in their blood? NO.

Any person who forces them to is as EUGENIC as any other and plain and simply NOT an asset to America.

But with that said…

New Black Panther’s Babu Omowale has given an interview to Breitbart, with a quote being published everywhere:

The end game is land ownership. The endgame is our own government in a nation within a nation. Okay. So we claim the states of Louisiana, we claim the states of Mississippi, we claim the states of South Carolina, we claim the states of Alabama, and we claim the states of Georgia.

One thing is for sure, the resentment and hate for white people is great and growing.

Another thing?

I AM ONE of many white women who have come from TOO MANY generations of NON-PRIVILEDGED white women and I REFUSE to take responsibility for white men that also oppressed us.

But since this problem is KILLING OUR COUNTRY and UNDERMINING OUR GOVERNMENT, I propose we treat them like children, and make them go outside to fight.

Black Lives Matter groups sparked All Lives Matter groups JUST AS an all-black “nation within a nation” will NO DOUBT spark white people who will want the same thing.

If both want to be away from the opposite race SO BADLY AS TO TRASH OUR COUNTRY, perhaps IT’S TIME to give them their own places is to go.

As UNREALISTIC as it all sounds, HOW I WISH we could give each group (anti-white, anti-black) their own nation within a nation.

Just get them the hell away from us so we can concentrate on the REAL VICTIMS in all this mess: THE CHILDREN.