HOLLYWOOD—Instead of worrying how to survive Valentine’s Day, single folks along with couples headed for movie theaters to watch the flick with the same name “Valentine’s Day.” The star-studded romance wooed audiences with a $52.4 million opening weekend, according to studio estimates. The movie had a few funny laughs, a typical, feel-good chick flick, but not an Oscar contender by no means. I noticed all the BlackBerry’s in the movie, simply amazing. Valentine’s Day means different things to all of us; some people say it is a day for flowers, lavish meals and chocolates. One thing is for sure, if you eat too many chocolates, you’ll gain tons of weight and get highly embarrassed some day.

Kevin Smith, director of the upcoming Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan film “Cop Out,” turned to Twitter to vent after being booted off from a Southwest Airlines flight on February 13 because he was too fat. Smith, went on a tweet tirade after allegedly being told by a flight attendant that he was a “safety risk” as he was about to fly from Oakland to Burbank. In front of a packed plane, I believe he must have been highly embarrassed. Smith also wrote that he was offered a $100 voucher by the airline, and noted that he eventually flew on a Southwest flight despite the incident.

One way to lose a ton of weight is to become a contestant on “Dancing With the Stars.” As you may have guessed already, ABC never comments on the casting rumors, which means you’ll have to wait until they announce the full cast on March 1 during the Bachelor finale. The new season of “Dancing With the Stars” kicks off on March 22. Rumors are swirling that my buddy Pamela Anderson has signed on for the upcoming season, according to radoronline.com. Pam’s last TV gig was Fox’s “Stacked,” in which she starred for two seasons (2005-06). “Dancing With the Stars” is also looking to replace co-host Samantha Harris, who left the show last month to focus on her work on “The Insider” and “ET.” The most interesting rumor is about Paula Abdul, the former “American Idol” judge who’s been wooed by the show in the past, has been rumored to join this season, as a contestant not as judge. However, Paula Abdul is dropping hints that she’ll be joining former “American Idol” colleague Simon Cowell on his new Fox show, “The X Factor,” in the fall of 2011. She dropped a few hints on LA’s “John Jay & Rich Show.” Simon Cowell, who is leaving at the end of this season, said he wants to work with Paula again.

Now the big surprise is the rumors that are swirling that shock jock Howard Stern is being considered to replace Simon Cowell. The Stern-Cowell rumors apparently are just being fueled by the “king of media” himself on his satellite radio show. Keep in mind that Stern’s own contract with Sirius XM is up at the end of this year, and no one is better at self-proclaim than him. Big surprise: the Parents Television Council is against it. Keep in mind that “American Idol” is a family show, so I have my doubts that Howard Stern will replace Simon Cowell because that could be the death of “American Idol.” Speak up, if you want to keep this a family show.

Rose’s Scoop: You gotta love, Ellen DeGeneres. Well at least, almost 28 million viewers tuned in to watch her pass judgment a couple of weeks ago on “American Idol.” Everyone is gearing up to join Team Katie on “AI.” It looks like Katie Stevens, could be a potential winner on “American Idol.” She has it all: the looks, talent and personality.