HOLLYWOOD—Those who have always been avid fans of the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” probably remember the great Darlene Conley who portrayed Sally Spectra, the fashionista who was a rival to Forrester Creations. Conley passed away back in 2007 and not much has transpired with Spectra Fashions and the clan since then, well until now.

“The Bold and the Beautiful” has kicked off the past couple of weeks with a juicy storyline involving the return of the Spectra clan, but this time with Sally’s grandniece, Sally (Courtney Hope), looking to make the power moves for the company. By her side is her grandmother, Shirley (Patrika Darbo), who might be one of the kookiest characters in quite some time. These two do indeed make a hilarious couple, and it’s nice to see a bit of rivalry ignited between these two fashion houses that have gone back and forth with one another in hopes of sabotaging the others quest for success.

I must say Hope is a nice addition to the cast, bringing effortless life to a character that is quite unique, not one dimensional and not afraid to cause a bit of chaos. I mean Sally and Shirley dressed as caterers at Zende and Nicole’s wedding so they could get the scope on the Forrester clan. I mean these ladies are not afraid to wrestle with the pigs to climb to the top.

However, the best asset of this character to the cast is that she has already sparked a rivalry with Steffy Forrester! Yes, this is exciting because Steffy has been on cloud nine for months, and to see her knocked down a few pegs with a rival that is certain to give her a run for her money proves that no one stays on top forever, no one! This is also interesting because it’s apparent that Steffy’s grip on both Liam and Wyatt has been loosening. Why? Well, Liam and Steffy’s wedding is weeks away, but it appears Sally has already sparked an interest in Thomas, and possibly Wyatt people?

I mean I was super sick of the ongoing love triangle between Liam, Steffy, Wyatt and Hope, and after Hope left for overseas, it became the Liam, Wyatt and Steffy show for what seems like the past 2-3 years. Thomas is already livid at his grandfather for giving the reigns of the company to his sister, and it looks like Sally might work a bit of magic to keep Thomas in her orbit. That won’t make Steffy mad, she will be furious!

All of Sally’s efforts for her fashion show went down in flames as Bill Spencer ensured he pulled the right strings to ensure success was no option. Gosh, this harps back to Liam who cries to daddy whenever he wants something. Making matters worse is Liam is such a self-righteous character! Every soap opera has one of them, and they are so ANNOYING! The world is not as black and white as one hopes some times.

The other love affair that I must admit is quite intriguing is the secret kisses between Ridge and Quinn. Yes, try to wrap your head around that one. What first seemed like a brilliant plan for Ridge has backfired, because the sexual chemistry between these two is uncanny. Ridge has the hots for Quinn and Quinn can’t stop thinking about Ridge. What’s worse, their significant others, Eric and Brooke have no idea! For Quinn, Eric will feel the ultimate level of betrayal, and as for Brooke, she might unleash wholly hell. However, I think it’s karma. I mean look what she did to her sister Katie twice!

Unfortunately, Ridge might make more enemies than just Brooke. I mean Eric, Rick, CJ, Steffy, Thomas, and the list goes on and on, looks like Bill might prove his point yet again, that Ridge will continually hurt Brooke down the line. Also we have that meddling Ivy back in the mix, and she has already spotted the two sharing a kiss, which resulted in a slap to the face for Quinn. Ivy is one not known to keep secrets, so expect this tryst to explode in the coming week or so. No secret stays hidden forever on “The Bold and the Beautiful” people.