HOLLYWOOD─I seriously have to admit, I went into the theater with the smallest expectations for the animated feature “Spies in Disguise” starring the voices of Will Smith and Tom Holland. It seems like we do not see as many animated films a year as we should, but this flick was quite entertaining, and that’s a direct result of the chemistry and banter between the flick’s two stars: Will Smith and Tom Holland.

Yes, we are talking about animated characters, but chemistry still matters in the movie. The audience gets the impression that the characters Lance Sterling (voice of Smith) and Walter Beckett (voice of Holland), as much as they dislike each other, they work well together. This is a result of our actors behind the voices being immersive in the roles they portray. Some might think the voice doesn’t matter, but it brings life to the character as we know it in animation. That energy, excitement, comradery translates onto the big screen.

Lance is that pompous, arrogant career-driven person that reminds so many of us of those people in our inner circle. You cannot tell them anything, and even when you tell them they’re wrong, they do everything in their power to refute whatever claims you make. Sterling serves as a secret agent of H.T.U.V. (Honor, Trust, Unity and Valor). The polar opposite of Lance, is Walter, who is socially awkward, but smart as a cookie, MIT graduate. His intelligence runs circles around Lance, who is not thrilled that this kid has enhanced his suit.

When our hero is framed for a crime he didn’t commit, it is Walter who comes to his rescue. In doing so, Sterling inadvertently ingests Walter’s latest creation which turns him into a pigeon. Yes, America a pigeon. So the tables have turned and Walter now gets the opportunity to prove his worth by saving the guy he admires, who has constantly pushed him to the side.

The rest of the narrative is atypical of our protagonists doing their best to outmaneuver the people attempting to bring them to justice for a crime they never committed to begin with. There are indeed some witty characters in Marcy Keppel (voice of Rashida Jones), Killian (voice of Ben Mendelsohn), Joy Jenkins (voice of Reba McEntire), Ears (voice of DJ Khaled) and Eyes (voice of Karen Gillan) to name a few. There are a host of others who all contribute to the story to narrative as well in minor points.

“Spies in Disguise” offers from laughs, is plenty of heart and fun for the family is paced just perfectly where the plot moves without any major hiccups. It delivers the humor and it will keep the kids and the adults glued to the screen.