HOLLYWOOD—Lukas Mattson, oh, he is such a fun character on the HBO series “Succession.” This week’s episode of “Tailgate Party’ unveiled some secrets about the character that he may have hoped the Logan clan did not discover. Tom and Shiv are indeed back to a happy place as he delivered breakfast on the couch, as the stress of Election Eve was underway for Connor and the Roy family. Tom delivered a scorpion as a gift to Shiv that was just a bad analogy all around people that came back into play before the end of the episode.

Kendall in other news had a visit with his ex and learned his daughter, Sophie didn’t want to go to school because of the impending election and that conversation immediately and I mean within seconds went left as the two got into a heated screaming match about parenting. Roman, Connor and Shiv had breakfast where it was apparent that Connor paid consistent visits to see their father’s body. Kendall soon joined, and the siblings are all together people to discuss the funeral plans for Logan Roy.

It was between Connor and Kendall who wanted to speak on behalf of the family. That conversation shifted to Kendall and Roman wanting to invite Nate to the political tailgate as a ploy on the Mattson deal. Lots of political maneuvering here people, and it was apparent that Shiv was not happy about Nate, and she informed Lukas of the plan for him to crash the party which no one will see coming. Tom is such a condescending ass, as he passed along the duties of firing a ton of staff for Waystar Royco. Wow, I wonder if people in the business sphere are just as heartless as Tom and Greg.

Roman relayed to Connor that Megan River wanted him to drop out of the race, but that was something Connor had no intention of doing whatsoever. Gerri and Carl showed up to the shindig leaving Roman on edge as he realized Gerri was still peeved at him for his recent stunt. A moment of silence was taken to honor Logan Roy, but that was ruined by the arrival of Lukas and his clan. Shiv played completely dumb about inviting Lukas to the event, as Roman and Kendall started to sweat. Tom was not doing a great job of sauntering Lukas, as Shiv delivered shooting points.

Oh, Lukas is planning to make some major changes at ATN with Tom being at the top of replacement list. Kendall pushed his idea to Nate about what the company could offer to him. Lukas really likes you Shiv, and she needs to use that to her advantage. She wanted Lukas to honor placing her in a top position, just as Nate informed Kendall that Daniel is not eager to aligning with the Roy family.

Greg pitched some firing tactics for Lukas, but Ebba was not pleased at all, which Kendall spotted from a distance. He used that as leverage, as Roman helped him tag team a potential foe to turn them into an ally. Ebba spilled some tea about Lukas and it was major tea people, as Roman and Kendall learned his numbers are not accurate, especially for India. Shiv learned those details from Kendall and Roman and went into panic mode.

Shiv confronted Lukas about his numbers in India and it took him slightly off guard. He admitted that his subscriber numbers might be phony. Shiv is in a bit of a pickle people, just as Roman tried to calm things over with Gerri, but she was having NONE OF IT. Oh, it was such a treat to see someone to tell this arrogant twat to F-off. Wow, Roman really is pushing Connor to drop out of this campaign, but he’s not budging at all; Roman went nuclear on his brother and it was not a pleasant sight people. That was not the ONLY drama as Kendall decided to publicly call out Lukas on his numbers, which Shiv was not happy to witness.

Tom got worried as the whispering in the room made him suspect that he might be canned. He confronted Shiv about that possible rumor and they two got into an explosive war of words. Shiv revealed to Tom that Lukas’ numbers are not accurate, as she revealed she is turning on her own family. Tom and Shiv were happy for one episode, one episode people because this is turning downright nasty and brutal.

Tom stuck a dagger at Shiv noting NOT only was she a bad person, but she didn’t deserve to have children. Ugh, that was a brutal punch by Tom. Tom came back into his home asking everyone to leave, and it was apparent everyone thought he was joking. Whoa was this a depressing episode to say the least people and the kids are up to their old tricks per usual. Can’t wait till next week’s episode of “Succession” America!