HOLLYWOOD—I really had high hopes for “Survivor 41” after what seemed like the longest hiatus ever, but the amount of twists are just torpedoing this season down the drain. Let the players play the damn game already. Liana was livid that Danny and DeShawn betrayed her, Xander thought he was a power player, no you’re not, Ricard felt like king, which means if you’re on top you’re bound to take a tumble and DeShawn per usual was being overly emotional and people started to see it. Chill dude, just chill. This week’s episode, ‘Do or Die’ presented yet ANOTHER twist in the game that is making me question the essence of “Survivor” as it used to be.

Participating in the Immunity Challenge could lead to a game-ending decision in the game, oh, jeez what now. The first person to drop out of the challenge will be forced to participate in the ‘Do or Die’ game of chance. If you win, you remain in the game. If you lose, you’re voted out of the game. Yeah, I don’t like this twist people, not at all. Heather and Liana decided not to play, but Erika, Ricard, DeShawn, Danny and Xander decided to play and it looks like someone could be booted from the game people.

DeShawn was the first one out and his game could be at risk people. Oh, the look on DeShawn’s face was so damn satisfying people. Erika dropped right before the third round kicked off, leaving Xander, Danny and Ricard fighting to survive. I swear I wish someone could muzzle Jeff Probst during the Immunity Challenges that require concentration which would be ALL OF THEM! The constant talking is just so annoying to say the least. Danny wins immunity, which for some reason seems to be pointing to Danny having his big moment of the season so far with a backstory and a victory.

So I guess the twist is aiming to prepare for a vote, but raising the possibility that a vote may not even transpire, which forces me to believe Ricard, Erika or Liana might be in hot water this week. DeShawn attempted to act as if the twist did not concern him, yeah, he’s worried people. Danny wanted Ricard, but Xander did not and wanted to go for Liana who has no one people. Erika also threw out the possibility of taking out Ricard. Ricard is worried about Erika, but Liana considered that she can play her Shot in the Dark, which it would be nice to see that twist come into play because you would have 3 people safe and all the plans would explode and in a major way.

Ok, we’re only 30 minutes into the episode and we’re already heading to Tribal Council, yeah, something big has got to be happening people because I feel it in my gut. Just realized we are on Day 21, which means only 5 days are left in the game people. Tribal Council gets underway, and Heather for the first time I can recall speaks. She has to be the most invisible character I can recall in the game of “Survivor” in nearly 41 seasons.

Gamble, that is exactly the key, the game of “Survivor” has completely manifested into a gamble, and the Shot in the Dark twist came up yet again, and this is the last Tribal it can transpire, which means it has to come to fruition tonight people. So talk about Shan came into play, and Ricard actually did lie because Shan did not plan to blindside him from what I recall, but I might have to re-watch last week’s game. Really DeShawn? You’re playing this emotional card and acting as if you didn’t want to write Shan’s name down. I was not buying a single thing he was selling, and I hope the jury didn’t either.

This was an interesting Tribal Council to say the least about race, but it did make me consider the question, what about Ricard, what about Erika people. They are also people of color and it almost feels like they are being ignored and I wanted to hear them share their thoughts on the issue. Three boxes one has fire and represents life, the other boxes contain skulls and if he picks that he’s out of the game. This is a terrible twist I am sorry. Jeff opened one box, and then allowed DeShawn the opportunity to switch, but he chose not to. Wow, he actually got a ‘FLAME’ granting him immunity people.

So it’s time for a vote people, which makes one wonder exactly how things will transpire. Sorry, I’m not a fan of this twist, it is too much of a gamble. Why in the hell did NO ONE play the Shot in the Dark? It makes no sense. No surprise Liana was booted out of the game and the jury was baffled that Liana was voted out. Sorry that was a lackluster end to what felt like a strong episode up to that point. I should say I’m excited for next week’s episode, but if the producers are attempting to push an underdog tale for Danny and DeShawn hoping viewers will root for them, sorry, I’m not buying it. Until next week “Survivor 41” fanatics!