HOLLYWOOD—Well, remnants of “Survivor 41” is being felt in the latest episode of “Survivor 42” with the fake merge and that hourglass twist. The twist as it was first seen in season 41 is just unfair. For starters, you have a group of people win a challenge under the guise that they are safe and they are not, only to turn around and give safety to someone else, who could have potentially been voted out. This was a double boot episode America, as we were treated with two episodes, ‘You Can’t Hide On Survivor” and ‘The Devil You Do or the Devil You Don’t.’

Chanelle was giddy at the result of coming out on top against her former ally, but it became a realization that it annoyed Mike who had his name written down. It solidifies once again for Mike that he does NOT fully trust Chanelle. However, something tells me, if the opportunity arises to send Chanelle out she’s going to pay the price for betraying Mike yet again. Rocksroy was busy harvesting for food, and it became apparent he was getting annoyed by Tori people, who was fishing for information about a possible advantage, yeah, the friction between these two is constantly growing and that’s not good for Ika, as Romeo and Drea eavesdropped and realized Tori cannot be trusted.

So we have 2 hours, and Jeff Probst is telling us that the hourglass and tweaks to it (because Jeff knows people were NOT happy with the twist) are back. So now they discover the person they send on that island, whoever wins the challenge to HAVE POWER or SAFETY! Ok, if this decision was made last season I would be ok with things. Everyone thought they made the merge, but they did not. Winners will be safe, won’t have to compete and will win Applebees.

Two people of the two tribes of 5 will NOT compete and their fate will be determined by the winning tribe. I’m still not loving this twist fully people. Lindsay and Rocksroy are not competing. Our orange team consists of Hai, Jonathan, Tori, Lydia and Maryanne. Our blue tribe consisted of Mike, Drea, Romeo, Chanelle and Omar. Orange was way in the lead with Jonathan showing his prowess. Drea was struggling to get to the next platform, as Maryanne and Lydia had a massive lead on the puzzle, and orange reigned supreme people. Orange had to make a big decision on rather Lindsay or Rocksroy would head to exile and it was CLEAR whoever they send has the power to change the game or one of them could go to exile and keep that power.

Hmm, I think they made a mistake people. Tori might regret screwing over Rocksroy. Jonathan was worried about the twist, but he was tearing down that food people. Tori you are spilling too many secrets and it is going to come back and haunt you because you’re showing people you cannot be trusted. Chanelle was worried, and Drea put out a prediction that was a nail right on the money people. Drea and Mike chatted about aligning and they are aware that Maryanne has an idol. She warned Mike about Tori, and he warned Drea about Chanelle. Ok, season 42 is starting to look interesting people.

Rocksroy arrived on exile and the dreaded hourglass was waiting for him, and we got a bit about his backstory, so he’s shining this time around. The orange tribe and the blue tribe have ‘merged’ people and I still recall that Drea, Lindsay and Hai each have an amulet. Taking out those with the amulet makes you more powerful. Extra vote, steal a vote or idol. Hmm, I would love to have that idol people. The paranoia is absolutely sinking in for everyone. The problem with Maryanne is the fact that everyone knows she has an idol, Maryanne was bonding with Romeo who was worried he might be in trouble.

Maryanne you’re talking a big game, but be careful, a twist is coming people. Jonathan and Mike are bonding, as were Hai and Romeo about being members of the LGBTQ community. Hai threw Chanelle under the bus to Omar, and he realized he will NOT have a vote at the next Tribal Council. Chanelle is looking like she could be in trouble people. Totally forgot they both risked their votes and Omar wouldn’t be able to vote in the next TC.

Omar shared his tale with Mike that he was still a virgin and saving himself for marriage. Lydia and Maryanne were bonding. Hai was connecting with a lot of people, he was also connecting with Jonathan. Hai is putting in the work people and making moves to build people. He shared with Drea and Jonathan that Lydia was strong. Something is telling me that Hai is about to pay the price for this move, because with Chanelle being so potent it’s problematic. Jonathan threw out Maryanne, Tori and Chanelle as targets, just as Chanelle stumbled into that conversation and it became clear she knew she was in major trouble. She has good instinct and picked up on it right away and Lydia did NOT do a good thing people. Drea WHY would you spill that extra vote? You idiot, this Chanelle vs Tori is NOT going to be what you think.

These people have terrible and I mean terrible poker faces. Jeff arrived on exile to inform Rocksroy of the decision he has to make that is about to impact the game people and all those plans are about to explode. Jeff dropped a bomb on Rocksroy that with the hourglass if he smashes it he can go back in time and change the outcome of the challenge and he would be safe, as well as Drea, Mike, Chanelle, Omar and Romeo. Yeah, I don’t like that people who fought for immunity loses it, that tension with Tori and Rocks is about to change the course of things.

Wow, this looks like a tough Individual Immunity Challenge and Rocksroy returned to drop a bomb on the tribe people, and the 6 that were safe realized they might not be safe. Talk about a shocker people because Jonathan, Maryanne, Lindsay, Hai, Tori and Lydia have to fight to survive. Hai realized his game might be in major jeopardy people. Tori give me a break, that is an insult to him, and I’m glad he made the decision he made. Jeff dropped the bomb that one of them will NOT make the jury. Tori is looking like she might be the underdog and win this challenge, placing a major hiccup in everyone’s plans people. Yeah, Tori has placed a major ripple in the game for all these layers people.

This episode has been absolute perfection people, so many twists, curves and people who look like targets finding a way to save themselves, and the scheming really starts people. The game begins people and Rocksroy realized that he had to start building bonds and he started with Jonathan and learned about the alliance. Romeo and Tori discussed targeting Jonathan; Romeo wanted to play people, and shared that with Maryanne, Drea and Hai. Maryanne was worried about her ally. Lindsay tried to divert the target to Maryanne, and she spilled that Maryanne has power. Taku is throwing everyone under the bus, Chanelle and Lydia were NOT buying what Lindsay was selling.

Omar spilled he has no vote and just wanted to stay quiet, however, Omar made it clear to Jonathan he’s in trouble. Jonathan wanted Maryanne out, Lydia was concerned with sticking with the numbers. So Omar started to play the game and focused on taking out Lydia. Omar shared to Maryanne that she was in major trouble. Omar is playing strategically with no vote people, and Omar is playing smart by targeting Hai’s number one. Hai did NOT like hearing that Lydia could be in trouble, so NOW Hai is playing to save his ally. Hai wants Maryanne out of the game and this could be a fun Tribal Council people. Yeah, Omar shouldn’t have shared that Lydia was in trouble with Hai because that guy is loyal to a fault.

Tribal Council better thrill us considering how strong this episode has been up to this point. Romeo is not having any of it people and some of these conversations are NOT hinting at what the audience can expect people. Ok, Maryanne and Drea are not meshing people. Is Jeff trying to clue Maryanne in that she is a target? It is up in the air as to who might be sent packing if I’m being honest people. Lydia, Jonathan and Maryanne were in the hot seat people, however, it became apparent that Lydia was getting booted, and it seemed to come out of nowhere.

Next week, Hai looks like he wants revenge, but how so considering he voted out his OWN ALLY! Ok, this season is about to be a hot mess and a hot mess is always a great thing people. Terrific episode, cannot wait till next week “Survivor” fanatics!