HOLLYWOOD—It has all come to this, the season finale of season 44 of “Survivor.” I will admit the season started off super strong and I thought we were looking at another possible ‘David vs. Goliath’ type of season, but it started to wane as we reached the merge. This season finale, ‘Absolute Banger Season’ saw our final five Carson, Carolyn and Yam Yam were all aware that a new idol had to be around at the new camp, which Carolyn was on the hunt for.

It was hilarious witnessing Yam Yam scare Carolyn and Carson into thinking that he found the hidden immunity idol, which turned out to be a piece of wood people. Ok, I want to see Lauren and Heidi align and realize that it is 2 against 5. They don’t have the numbers, but they could possibly make something happening, as the end is near.

Everyone was searching for the idol, but I am hoping that we have a twist that is NOT an idol, but something else that could impact the game. Wow, the idol was tied to a tree branch that Yam Yam, Carson and Lauren literally walked right past. Lauren shared with Heidi and Yam Yam that Carson can win this game if he gets to the end. Nice strategy to put a target on his back to the remaining players. Lauren and Carson realized they are both threats to win in the end.

With this Immunity Challenge, Heidi and Carson were neck-and-neck in the challenge, with Lauren not to far behind as she fought to survive, but it was looking like a Carson and Heidi duel. The super fan had completed the outer edge and he just needed to complete the interior, and he managed to complete the puzzle meaning it’s likely Lauren or Heidi getting the boot since the second biggest threat in the game is immune. You know what that means: he is likely getting the boot as we reach the final three.

Carson was able to bring Yam Yam to the Sanctuary. That means Yam Yam is going to completely align with Carson on the vote. You know what that means: Lauren or Heidi could find that Immunity Idol rescue themselves and potentially get Carolyn to flip on one of her allies as they chatted end game. Yam Yam spilled that Carolyn is a big threat, but Carson didn’t seem to think so. Yam Yam wants that $1 million prize and he is thinking of how to win. This move of Carson pushing to get Lauren out is going to cost him the game. Mark my words. Heidi brought up a valid point that she just saved Carson; he should have taken her to the challenge.

At least Lauren was honest with the notion that she knows she is a threat and she can save us. Lauren spilled to Carolyn that Yam Yam wanted her out and that was news to the Tika member and she didn’t like that. Yes, you 3 can make a move, and Carolyn it would be smart to tackle Yam Yam because he REALLY WANTS YOU OUT OF THE GAME. It was apparent when Carson and Yam Yam returned to camp the tension was thick people. Yam Yam wanted to push the notion of Lauren voting for Carolyn to save himself. Lauren was smart to think that Yam Yam and Carolyn were tied to one another, even though they were saying otherwise.

Lauren went hunting for that idol and found may have spot something in that tree. So many lies, so much deception, but where the vote is headed this time people, I have no clue. Tribal Council was fun as Lauren brought the fireworks, as she pointed out not many people spoke to her and she was certain she was a goner. Carolyn was baffled by that admission, and so was Heidi, so either this is a major play or Lauren is shooting herself in the foot people. If Lauren does have an idol, and pulled this off, this is epic people, ballsy and brutal to witness. Yeah, if Lauren makes it to the end, she would have easily won the jury vote, she is delivering the waterworks and the jury was eating it up.

It was clear that Lauren was getting the boot people and as much as I wanted her to have that idol it was apparent she did not have it. Those emotions were too raw for her to not have it. Lauren really had me thinking she might have had something, but she was just kidding. It was obvious Carolyn voted for Heidi, but nope it was Yam Yam, which meant Lauren was getting the boot. I just realized if Heidi had voted for Yam Yam, she could have forced a tie!

Just like that we are at our Final Four and it is that classic challenge to manage multiple balls all coming at once. I feel like this is Carolyn or Heidi’s challenge to lose. Carson is making fire no matter what you think. Dammit, Carolyn dropped, leaving Heidi, Yam Yam and Carson as 3 balls were moving all at once. With 4 balls moving, Heidi managed to get her first Immunity Challenge when she needed it most. She is taking Yam Yam, which means Carson and Carolyn are making fire people.

Screw that, if I win Immunity I’m not battling in fire when I have safety, you earned it, which annoys me as it is like a double-edged sword and a twist that needs to be eliminated from the game. Yam Yam is good at making fire on the fly, Carolyn acknowledge that she has been practicing this for years, while Carson was struggling to ignite a spark. Yam Yam decided to teach Carson how to make fire so that he doesn’t fail. Yeah, Yam Yam has a good heart and wanted to help his pal to a potential victory.

The Fire Making Challenge is upon us people, with Heidi contemplating rather she should tackle the challenge, and Carson pitched Heidi making fire to improve her resume. Heidi decided push Carolyn thru to the Final 3 and it brought her to tears. So this means either Heidi is making fire against Carson or Yam Yam and Carson are duking it out.  So Carson is indeed making fire and he will be doing it against Heidi herself. Wow, that is a big move people. Danny seemed impressed with that decision, so Yam Yam is going to the final 3 as well.

Heidi immediately got her fire going and she started to build it, as Carson’s fire was starting to build, but Heidi’s was quite massive. I will admit this challenge was an underwhelming one for me. There was not tension and she knew it was going to go in Heidi’s favor. The jury was smitten by it, but I don’t think things are going to in her favor. Fastest firing making record, but that alone is not enough to win in my challenge. So we have a final three of Heidi, Yam Yam and Carolyn. My gut is that Carolyn is the better of the three as someone who is considered a non-threat, but is one of the biggest threats, she was strategically playing the game from Day 1, she made moves to get her further in the game. Yam Yam is great socially, but that is where it ends for me.

It was apparent the jury saw Yam Yam as a social threat, while Heidi was getting points for taking out Carson who was one of the biggest threats in the game. With Carolyn her emotional play was seen as a strategy by members of the jury who saw it as one of a kind in the game. Now the game shifts to the jury Q/A, where Yam Yam argued his case of perception, and Heidi’s interjection caused her to lose some steam in my opinion. Carolyn admitted her insecurities and explained that in the most blunt and honest way possible and that is something I loved because she didn’t ignore and played into it.

Danny you’re being a bit arrogant and I didn’t like that. Yam Yam admitted he used Carson for information and socialization, while Heidi gave kudos to Danny for using him as a shield and ally in the game. Frannie threw out a question about emotionality in the game. She shared a brutal punch about how addiction impacted her on an emotional level and how it impacted her gameplay. This woman’s honesty is so refreshing. The jury was eating up Yam Yam’s answers and his energy. I truly don’t know where this jury is headed; I don’t feel like one player has a bigger edge than the others.

Carolyn carefully explained her strategy and why she utilized Carson to push herself in the game and gave props to Danny by pointing out he was a massive threat in the game and he was controlling things. I think Danny loved hearing that from Carolyn. Yam Yam convincing people that he navigated strategically, I did not fully buy it, and Carson throwing out those percentages on voting history was not that impressive. Heidi had a weak point when she had to address her strategy in the game.

Time for the final vote for a winner, and I don’t know where the 8 are going. I think they are just as conflicted as the audience at home people. Jeff Probst started to read the votes with Yam Yam earning the majority of the votes, with 5, with Heidi earning 1, and Carolyn getting absolutely none? I’m sorry I’m not buying that at all people. She had a strong tale and her jury speech was solid people. With that said I’m ready for “Survivor 45.” Season started strong, but ended on a whimper for me.