HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Survivor” was a hoot. The season had been losing some serious steam, but that blindside at Siga totally changed the game, right as we enter into the merge minus the jury element people. This week’s episode, ‘Cancel Christmas’ witnessed the fallout of Maria and Charlie blindsiding Moriah when they voted out Jem without her knowing. Moriah realized she was at the bottom of her tribe and this merge is about to change things for her and her game, unlike Tim who thinks he’s in power.

The merge is happening, and Hunter was forced to think quick to locate that key to open that box to secure that idol before Siga and Yanu arrived at the Nami beach. The game is about to explode in a major way and I love this part as you see alliances shift and change. Soda, what the hell are you doing? Icing out Venus who could be a potential ally for you is not smart. That is a number for you; an ally that you might need. Kenzie is getting a lot of screen time, and it looks like she is truly ready to play the game.

There is five Siga, five Nami and three Yanu, so does Yanu have the power or could Siga and Nami bond to try to take out Yanu? This constant semi-merge element of the New Era of the game I don’t love it. Everyone is getting along as people try to merge. Tim had a good idea of keeping things the way they are.

Venus was chatting and I mean chatting with members of Yanu and throwing Tevin under the bus and him tossing her under the bus. This was information Q wanted to use to his advantage. Q, Tim and Hunter planned to implement that six they chatted about, but concerns arose about Tim. Q had a conversation with Maria, and she was taken aback by the details that Q was sharing. Yeah, this is about to cause a fracture in that so-called six. Q’s intuition was right, and he might have placed a target on his back with the lack of sharing information. Tim, you’re playing bad here buddy.

Venus wanted to play the game and she was looking for cracks in Siga and chatted with Moriah and Tim, but Moriah was the one who was picking up with what Venus was giving. Moriah is coming out; she picked up on Venus being a crack in the Nami tribe, and shared those details with Charlie. Q started to pick up that something was off with Siga and his chat with Moriah was to get information and she was giving odd answers that were so obvious. Moriah you have options use them to your advantage, especially when you know you’re at the bottom of your tribe; you were just blindsided.

Ugh, here we go again with this split team challenge crap again. Half will be safe and half will not, and one person will be left out and will choose the team they think will win. If right, they are safe, it not they could be voted out during Tribal Council. Interesting, everyone is being forced to take part in one section of the puzzle. I don’t like that the winning group can still vote at TC. If they’re safe, they should be able to vote.

Group one consisted of Ben, Kenzie, Tim, Tevin, Hunter and Q. Group two consisted of Charli, Moriah, Soda, Maria, Venus and Liz. Tiffany was odd one out. And these groups looked crazy, all the strong guys and a sole Kenzie and Tiffany choose Purple. Good choice, but if Purple loses oh, oh, this is going to be fun people. I think Purple is going to struggle on that puzzle. Orange might be small, but they had the advantage, as Purple gained some steam. Purple completed the first section, but Orange was not too far behind, and I think we’re about to see a major upset here, the puzzle the Great Equalizer. It is a dead heat, oh this is fun to witness, Q and Hunter, versus Venus and Charlie, but Purple managed the win sending Orange to TC.

I truly don’t want to see Venus head home, and considering we have three on, Liz, Soda and Venus vs. Moriah, Charlie and Maria and Hunter cannot vote, anyone could go home. So, there will ONLY be 12 votes and if a shot in the Dark is played that can decrease the number of votes even more. Hunter, why would you spill that you cannot vote? Damn, I forgot that Tevin had an extra vote people. Ben was not willing to throw out a name, but Yanu and Nami wanted to hear a name. So, Tiffany picked up on that and it was not working until Tim spilled a name. Tim, you really didn’t do yourself a service to keep Siga strong, because people immediately picked up on it.

Tim is playing a bit whimsical and that is not great. Hunter and Tevin wanted Mo to go, oh, Charlie started to come up as an option, as Venus was looking at him as an option. I like Venus she is playing, but she is making it easier for Tevin to send her packing if possible. Time for a very interesting Tribal Council, where Venus was throwing darts, as Hunter placed a target on Yanu who is going to control who goes home, and Moriah dropped a bomb revealing that she was at the bottom and blindsided at Siga’s last TC. Yeah, it shook things a bit. However, was it helping Moriah or hurting her as Q questioned the motives to expose the truth now instead of earlier. I like Venus because she is playing the game and NOT scared to speak her truth.

Oh, Moriah decided to play her Shot in the Dark, but is she lucky though? Nope. It is a  one in six chance America. If only Moriah would have spilled the truth as soon as she came to the camp, she would have been safe, but once she spilled that tea it shifted the target solely onto her and she was given the boot. So, there is 12 people left in the game, I sense another boot before the jury kicks in which means we could see that dual TC next week, and as predicted I was right! Until next Wednesday “Survivor” fanatics where some massive shakes are about to occur.