HOLLYWOOD—Having a strong villain on daytime television is not an easy feat America, especially in the soap arena. For years, the biggest villain of “General Hospital” was Helena Cassadine. With Helena out, and Cesar Faison seemingly on the run, “GH” was without a salacious villain for quite some time. Yes, we had the Jerome clan, but their tactics of evil was nothing compared to what Valentin Cassadine has brought to Port Charles.

This guy is wickedly evil in my opinion. He came to town on a fluke, and it was beyond a whirlwind. I mean he fatally shot Nikolas Cassadine, he held Lulu, Dante, Laura, Ava and Kevin hostage on Cassadine Island, we learned he was in cahoots with Olivia Cassadine to torment Anna Devane and he was responsible for the Chimera Project.

Yeah, his laundry list of dirty things is quite excessive; however, his latest ruse might be the dirtiest to date. Why? He is at the forefront of the Patient 6 mystery, which “GH” fans already know as the twin twist. Yes, Jason Quartermaine who disappeared in October 2012, to later return 2 years later with a new face is not really Jason; it’s his twin brother Drew. Yes, it’s twisted; it’s chaotic and just utter madness. Drew has flown into PC and everyone has come to taking a liking to him; I mean they think he is their beloved Jason. So imagine the ripple effect when Patient 6 ushers back into town and the truth about Jason and his lineage explodes.

Oh yes, Sam, Sonny, Carly, Michael, Elizabeth, Franco, Monica, and the rest of Port Charles will be left aghast by the revelation America. However, the question I’m dying to know is:  how in the world is Valentin involved in this twin twist? An even bigger question is WHY Patient 6 is so important to Valentin? Yes, this is that narrative plot hole that is missing that I am eager to connect the dots to.

Things are not going well for Valentin. Griffin is certain he played a role in Ava recanting her statement about his involvement in Nikolas’ murder in exchange for a restored face. By the way, the original Ava is back in the flesh, at least when it comes to her appearance, but her morals have shifted for the better to say the least. I mean she helped Patient 6 escape, who is making his way back to PC to reclaim the life that was taken from him. The old Ava would have never done such a thing America, but remember Ava didn’t come to PC till after Jason was shot and dumped into the murky waters. She wouldn’t know the guy if he slapped her in the face.

Nina is in complete denial with the fact that her hubby is dangerous. She tends to give him the benefit of the doubt, but it’s apparent all those skeletons in Valentin’s closet are certain to be unearthed by November sweeps. Laura who has been quiet for quite some time, decided to unleash a bit of anger on the guy who killed her son by holding a gun to his face. It seems that Valentin thinks he is untouchable, and truth be told he is learning the hard way that everyone is touchable. It was nice to see him shiver in his boots for once.

Oh, and I forgot to drop the biggest bomb: Valentin has a sister, and she is none other than Irina aka Cassandra, who knows Dr. Finn Hamilton, and she is headed to Port Charles to seek treatment for a medical condition. Valentin is not happy to have Cassandra coming to his home turf. This is a major, major development that I think can explain a TON about Valentin, his motives and his secrets. Secrets are starting to surface on “General Hospital” people, and fingers crossed that November drops major bombs with the big return of REAL Jason Morgan people.