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UNITED STATES—The drug store was a place where the community manifest itself. People could make any old comment about the weather and it would...

June 2016 U.S. Familial Offenders

UNITED STATES—This month’s chronicle of familial offenders should enforce the belief that Uncle Sam needs to define the DO'S and DON'T'S of parenting. We begin...

21st Century Deadbeat Dads!

UNITED STATES—There’s been some grumble about how I blame mothers and point my finger at them more than I do the fathers. Maybe that's because...

The Case of the Grandma Mommy

UNITED STATES—The photo above shows grandmothers doing what used to be considered familial duty: HELPING. There are many society-crippling issues occurring simultaneously in our country,...

Brittany Murphy’s Dad Sues For Her Hair

HOLLYWOOD HILLS—On Wednesday, January 11, a man who claims to be actress Brittany Murphy's biological father filed a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Coroner's...
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