Tag: Eric Trump

Evidence Of Corruption Looming In Trial For Donald Trump

UNITED STATES—On March 4, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump, the sons of former President Donald J. Trump, revealed on their Twitter pages that...

Donald Trump Announces His Candidacy For President

UNITED STATES—On November 15, former President Donald J. Trump announced from his residence at Mar-a-Lago, Florida his candidacy in the 2024 General Election as...

Eric Trump Ordered To Testify In New York Fraud Inquiry

UNITED STATES—On Wednesday, September 23, a New York state judge ordered Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, to testify under oath by October...

Trump Campaign Announces RNC Speakers

UNITED STATES—Speakers for the Republican National Convention running from Monday, August 24, and goes through Thursday, August 27 at the Charlotte Convention Center in...

Facebook Removes Advertisement Of GOP Congressional Candidate

UNITED STATES—Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) who is running for Congress in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District posted an advertisement on Facebook on Tuesday, June 2...
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