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Noel Cowards “Private Lives” Playing At ISC Theatre Starting April 6

GRIFFITH PARK—The ISC theatre will host Noel Cowards's "Private Lives" from April 6 thru May 7. Coward's play first premiered in Edinburgh, Scotland in...

Actor Hal Holbrook Dies At The Age Of 95

BEVERLY HILLS—On January 23, Ohio native and actor Hal Holbrook died at age 95 in his Beverly Hills home. His death was confirmed by...


UNITED STATES—Our friend and publicist in Madrid, Dave America, set up two events at a bar called Aleatorio (what better name for the accidental...

First Forays

UNITED STATES—So here we were, after two days in the country. We took a depopulated bus. Hey, it was a Sunday and we would...

Creator Of Wondrous Fiction, Barry Ghabaei

UNITED STATES—Described as having twisted plots, topsy-turvy dialogue, and story themes that extend human-thinking ‘out-of-the-box,’ Barry Ghabaei, the creator of Wondrous Fiction, has pioneered...

New York

UNITED STATES—I caught the travel bug. Some friends were going to India, to Prague, to Bali. One had seen Pink Floyd perform the rock...
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