Tag: Nicole Kidman

“Bombshell” Is Spectacular Fun!

HOLLYWOOD─Very rarely do I have movies as a must-see on my list, but after seeing that amazing and I amazing trailer for “Bombshell” I...

“The Goldfinch” Is A Bore Fest!

HOLLYWOOD—I cannot recall the last time I was so bored and ready for a movie to end in recent years. I’m not calling it...

“The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Big Little Lies” Primetime Emmy Award Winners

HOLLYWOOD—Well, it’s the first big official awards show to get ready to kick awards season into full gear come late December/early January. The 69th...

“Big Little Lies” Is Big Drama!

HOLLYWOOD—I normally like to allow myself several episodes of a show before recommending it to others. I mean the pilot episode can be good,...

“Lion” Is A Great Drama

HOLLYWOOD—“Lion” is a movie that could have gone wrong a million different ways. It could have been saccharine, boilerplate, and given to any number...

“Secret In Their Eyes” An Emotional Rollercoaster

HOLLYWOOD—When awards season rolls in, I always pinpoint a film or two that becomes a must-see on my list based on the trailer, not...
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