Tag: Robert Mueller

Democrats, Republicans Call For Mueller Report Release

UNITED STATES—Members of Congress from both the Republican and Democratic party have asked for a copy of the findings in the Robert Mueller investigation....

Jerome Corsi Sues Robert Mueller

UNITED STATES—Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., a American author and political commentator who has been accused of lying under oath to Special Counsel’s Robert Mueller’s investigation...

Evidence Withheld By Robert Mueller

UNITED STATES—A new report by journalist, John Sperry on Monday, December 3 indicated that Robert Mueller withheld evidence that could exonerate President Donald Trump...

Possible Corsi Indictment In Mueller Investigation

UNITED STATES—American author, Jerome Corsi annocuned on his YouTube show Monday, November 12, that he expects to soon be indicted in the Robert Mueller...

Beverly Hills Attorney Under Fire

BEVERLY HILLS— Keith M. Davidson, a Beverly Hills lawyer is fighting several extortion allegations. In addition to these accusations, he is involved in a...

Washington Is A Reality Show!

HELLO AMERICA!—If you are addicted to “reality shows,” nearly daily we are fed with drama which pacifies this hunger for this need. The happenings...
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