HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s premiere episode for season four of “The Chi” gave audiences plenty to salivate on. For starters, audiences got a glimpse into the future and let’s just say some surprises were unveiled: some good, some bad. With that said, this week’s episode, ‘Cooley High’ saw the aftermath of Trig placing that beating on that police officer.

However, Emmett was worried sick about what could happen if Tiffany learned about him sleeping with Dom. Yeah, he’s have nightmares about his wife chasing him with a knife after the truth was revealed. Might not be a bad idea to just tell the truth Emmett. Kevin was still grappling with his encounter with the police and his mother called him out on his antics: drinking, smoking, etc. Jada was struggling with her relationship with a younger man.

Trig was conflicted about the incident involving the cops, as Imani forced him to acknowledge that what ‘transpired’ needed to ‘transpire.’ Jake was busy packing for the college tour, as he also dealt with the aftermath of being assaulted by the police; a broken cast as well. There was obvious tension between Jake, Kevin and Jemma. It was apparent that Jake was earning plenty of sympathy as a result of his circumstance, while Kevin continued to keep his emotions locked inside.

Keisha was indeed struggling with her job, and the boss from hell. Douda was not happy with that video of Jake circulating, just as Roselyn and Jemma’s dad (we still don’t’ his name) by his side. Douda paid a visit to the cop who found himself in the hospital as a result of Trig. Hmm, the cop thinks that Douda sent one of his goons to place a beating on him. Officer Reeves, we have a name people, as Douda directly asked him if he was a dirty cop, and Douda fired the cop.

“The Chi” is taking a new approach involving issues of police brutality, one that I have not seen so far in cinema or on the small screen. Papa questioned why he didn’t do more to help Jake and Kevin, and it was apparent that he hoped to get the message out about policing issues through his podcast. Trig met a pal from the past, Shine (Jason Weaver). Hmm, I wonder if this pal is about to cause problem’s in Trig’s household. Time will tell people. Roselyn wanted to put a muzzle on Douda, and a veiled threat was issued people.

During the college tour, Kevin seemed disinterested. “I’m tired of hearing you talk,” that was indeed the line of the night courtesy of Kevin to Jemma people. Emmett had a conversation with Keisha about his issue involving Tiffany. Kevin and Jake decided to hustle a bunch of college kids, just as Tiffany handled her business with an associate who seemed concerned about the state of her marriage. Douda held a press conference addressing the issue of police officers and the attack on the Black community. He announced that he was defunding the police. Hmm, I want to see how this is going to play out. Is this the series taking aim at how not funding the police will impact the actual world. Emmett was totally messed up by his tryst with Dom as it impacted his performance in the bedroom with Tiffany, which resulted in him revealing the truth.

Imani was NOT happy to hear that Shine was staying at their place and Trig did NOT tell her in advance. It is creating friction in their relationship people and I called it. Looks like Kevin was about to be tempted with drugs, and at first he resisted, but peer pressure got the best of him. Um, this is not going to be good people as it’s apparent that Kevin is spiraling and I mean spiraling down a very dark path people.

I knew that was going to happen, I knew Tiffany was about to sleep with her client after the viewer encountered him in the beginning of the episode. An incident of police brutality led to Trig intervening. Cops pulled out their guns, and Trig started filming to capture a volatile scene on video. Kevin puked relentlessly while at home, which was later revealed he was kicked off the college tour. To say Keisha was upset with her brother’s antics was an understatement people.

Roselyn pointed out Douda’s mistake to defund the police, as it became apparent he was annoying her more and more. Jada’s masseuse spotted a lump on her breast that proved after a doctor visit she has cancer. Keisha refused to learn the sex of her baby, just as the doctor gave her news that the baby is healthy. An interesting episode to say the least people. See you next Sunday for more “The Chi” drama at 9 p.m.