HOLLYWOOD—I was so disappointed with the season finale of “The Chi.” I will admit I didn’t think season five of the series was that impressive, so I was pleased that season six was a massive improvement. The drama has been building from episode to episode, and after last week, I was thrilled with what I thought was a finale that would knock my socks off. Nope. It didn’t do that one bit, ‘Who Shot Ya?’ left me asking for more and more.

When that happens in a TV series that is not a good thing, especially considering this was the farewell tour for Alex Hibbert aka Kevin. Yes, that character is done and off to Los Angeles to pursue a career in gaming. Hate to say it, but Kevin has been a core of the series since its premiere and I worry how other characters like Papa and Jake will sustain without their buddy around. The tension between Kiesha and Emmett was thick as thieves as worries about safety were potent.

Making matters worse was the growing tension between Douda, Nuck and Zane, as it is obvious Douda’s minions were doing their best to impress him. The problem was they were unaware of the threat that was surfacing. Papa broke the news to Kenya that he was no longer interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with her, that I found a bit devastating. Emmett had the tough conversation with Jada and Darnell about her financial ties to Douda. Darnell being the father he is, scolded Emmett for his bad choices. It was riveting to see; why Darnell called his son out on his antics, and Emmett failing to recognize the bad mistakes he’s made. You’re not a street guy Emmett, no matter how hard you try.

Shaad’s lust for Tierra got the best of him, as he sent a confession to Deja instead of Tierra. As a result, his world was blown to pieces. Emmett and Rob went to Victor asking for help to take out Douda. He also gave them a harsh reality; they are wannabe street thugs. However, when Victor refused to partake, Rob and Emmett made their own moves; ones that would be quite costly.

Jake decided to take over Kevin’s lease to branch out on his own. Who is also doing the same? Jemma, but with her new artist, who seems more driven to sleep with her manager instead of a business relationship. This woman sent her $10,000 to get her own place? This was the woman who was just asking her brother Bakari for a place to crash, but she can send $10k to Jemma, a woman she just met and plans to manage her. Yeah, this is going to become a problem later down the line, no matter what you say Jemma, because Marcus, Tierra and Jake all have similar takes.

Marcus was not pleased to see that his little girl was growing up and not in need of his permission to make her decisions. Kevin had his big going away party, which was further confirmation I don’t see the return of Kevin to the drama after this season. Rob and Emmett made a move on Douda, but it ended horribly. Why? Rob was shot and hospitalized as a result. Alicia was livid about the situation, and tension grew with Tiff as a result.

Alicia she has been touted as a villain far worse than Douda, but the audience has yet to see the wicked ways of this woman, but we are getting small glimpses. She is buttering up to Zain, who after Douda’s latest strike, his eyes have been opened as well. Emmett was an emotional mess realizing his move was a major mistake. Victor found himself bringing drama back to the streets, even though Fatima warned him he had too much to lose.

I mean to see Victor arm himself with a gun and head out in the middle of the night, with no follow-up is NOT how I wanted to see the season end. It was a bummer to say the least, but “The Chi” truly have to give fans what they want, Douda on a silver platter. The guy has been public enemy for almost every season and its time for a change. We’ll see if that is the case when the series returns.