HOLLYWOOD—The Showtime drama, “The Chi” returned for its sixth season on Sunday, August 6, after a lackluster season five, in my opinion. The drama just lacked in a massive way last year. The premiere episode, ‘New Chi City’ witnessed Emmett and Keisha realizing being a couple is not as blissful as they expected. Victor was nervous about his campaign and the prospect of losing. He wants a victory because without one he’s not sure what purpose his life will have.

Darnell and Jada were living in the moment as newlyweds, just as Jemma was frustrated that her father was having sex near her with Trig’s ‘fake girlfriend.’ Kevin got a taste of the independence that he wanted, but I don’t think he realized living on his own was not as grand as he planned. Emmett soon realized getting into business with Douda was NOT a smart move.

He made a deal with the devil, after being warned by Keisha, and it looks like he’s about to pay a hefty price. He stopped by his childhood home to go grocery shopping, and his parents made it clear he has to purchase his own food. Victor learned the political game is one you have to play even if you do not want to, including fake moments. Jemma and Jake discussed his current clothing biz, so it seems everyone is hustling this season.

Keisha was quite observant in her new role, as she realized one of the students didn’t want to read in public, and it became clear a teacher who thought she knew best didn’t like being criticized. That forced Keisha to question the job standing in front of her. Douda was attempting to lure Rob to make more money. Rob is smarter than we think, as he liked the lure, but he knew the dangers that came with it. Keisha was not pleased to see Emmett aligned with Douda because she knows trouble is headed their way. Papa found himself smitten by a new woman, who is quite older.

Darnell had a conversation with Shaad who was still looking for work, as his woman is taking care of him fully. Victor gave a public speech at Smokey’s to help push his political aspirations and giving a spotlight on Emmett’s business. What is the purpose of Tracy on “The Chi”? This character seems pointless. She had a purpose on season one, but beyond that she just feels like a filler character.

Kevin had a bit of a shindig at his apartment, as Bakari was smitten with Lynae, but I wonder if she knows what he is doing behind the scenes. Kevin is flaunting and I think he has no idea of the mayhem he is about to be entangled in. Tiffany was happy with the car Emmett got her, but it raised eyebrows for Rob. Shaad was smitten with his hookup with Victor’s former beard, just as he shared with his flame he’s not reaching his fullest potential, when those around him are. This relationship seems rocky. Douda is running a Chop Shop, yeah, Emmett you’re in big trouble with this guy. Victor discovered a viral moment of him on video changing his shirt at Smokey’s after a drink was spilled on him.

Jemma was blunt about her father’s new fling and this is going to be an interesting relationship this season. Looks like the claws are already out. Really, Kevin and Maisha are a thing; interesting after she denied him all those years ago when they were younger. I wonder how Papa will feel about this. Keisha was not happy that Emmett went and purchased Tiffany a car without letting her know. It was important to Keisha that Emmett understand the importance of communication in a relationship. Victor got the win for his campaign that he needed and it’s official, he’s a politician. Something tells me that Victor’s new Chief of Staff might have more things he’s looking to navigate then just political aspirations.

Emmett had a chat with Douda where he discovered that dark side he has been warned about. I wonder what Darnell will say about Emmett’s new business relationship. Yeah, Douda shooting that guy in cold blood rattled Emmett to the core. So much for Tracy steering clear of Otis; it totally feels like this season will revolve once again around Douda and all his dirty dealings. Let’s see how that plays out. New episodes of “The Chi” air Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.