UNITED STATES—So many people think a war is brewing in the United States of America. Not between another country in another continent, but amongst our own people. It is wickedly odd and scary that we live in world right now where people don’t see to understand that you can disagree with someone and yet still be friendly, but at the same time people have to understand this notion of shoving your opinion down the throat of other people is just annoying as hell.

If I hear one more Republican tell me the Democrats are evil and not to be trusted I’m going to scream. On the opposite end, you have Democrats who are telling me that the Republicans are out for themselves ONLY, taxes will be raised and the country is headed on the right track I’m going to scream. Look, both Republicans and Democrats suck. I’m just going to say it because this ideology that one party is better and superior to the other drives me absolutely bonkers. They both suck. They are both crooked, they both lie, they both deceive and you have members of Congress on BOTH POLITICAL SIDES who have dirty little secrets they don’t want the public to learn about.

People from both political parties NEED to stop putting their candidates or people they respect on these pedestals like they can do nothing wrong, almost like they are Gods and I cannot understand it at all. Please stop it already, you should not idolize people on that wavelength, it just feels like nothing they say or do will make you turn the other way or acknowledge that they did wrong, when in fact they have done something wrong.

I get so sick and tired of people always pushing a political conversation when that is the one thing we all know is a no-no when it comes to conversations. You don’t talk about politics with strangers especially in today’s climate because we live in a climate where nowadays you say the wrong thing you won’t just see the wrath of people on a verbal scale, you might see it on a physical scale. People are angry, people are vicious and the argument can be made it might be a result of the 2020 election where you have people who think it was stolen and others who say it wasn’t stolen. That election seems so far ago, but that was just the tip of the iceberg, as January 6, 2021, will live in a day of infamy regarding the riots, yes you heard me correct the RIOTS ON THE U.S. Capitol building. People who were upset and believed the election was stolen from former President Donald Trump stormed the capitol and all sorts of chaos unfolded afterwards. America saw it with its own eyes, and it was ugly.

You might say what are you getting at? Things are boiling and boiling and boiling and we haven’t even reached our peak America. Protests are happening daily in this country, but how many actual stay peaceful and what the hell does peaceful even mean. One person’s perception of peaceful means unruly to the next! One could argue the Coronavirus pandemic and then the murder of George Floyd were moments in time where Americans and simply said they had enough. Some didn’t want to be forced to get vaccinated arguing it’s my body my choice, but then why are politicians telling women what they can do with their body?

I’m sorry, but that sounds a bit hypocritical in my stance. You don’t want to be injected with a vaccine because of religion, or what as you, but you think it’s okay for the government to tell you that as a woman you cannot abort a baby no matter what the situation is. Hmm, I wonder how men and politicians would fill if the government said there are certain people you cannot have sex with? Some might argue, “Oh that is pushing the line.” Is it? Think about that before you say it’s not. Takes a man and a woman to create a child people, not one can do it without the other.

With that said there is so much vitriol and hate in this country it is just never ending, the opinions just keep coming people ALWAYS have something to say and they have to make sure everyone hears what it is they have to say. Well, do me a favor, shut up already. You don’t have to comment on everything. That commentary is the reason you constantly have situations that continue to spiral more and more. Gosh, already, people need to control their emotions and stop feeling this need to always be right. Who says you have to be right all the time? Guess what, it is OKAY TO BE WRONG! No one is perfect and this notion that perfection can be achieved is a false ideology that doesn’t exist.

You have to agree with people to be their friends and allies, if you disagree, that’s it the friendship is over, the family bond is broken you are my enemy because you don’t agree with me. That is just silly and quite stupid to say the least and it seems every day the country is getting worse by the minute.

Written By Peter Sanders