HOLLYWOOD—So fans have been eager and patiently waiting for a big reveal on the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” I’m referring to the big murder mystery as to the culprit who was responsible for killing Abigail Devereaux. It was so obvious that Gwen and Leo were NOT the guilty parties because it was way too obvious and whenever things are obvious that is always a bad sign. I had NO IDEA where the writers were going with this as I thought it was a one-off incident, but recently Sonny was stabbed in the back by an assailant and this week Sonny’s memory of that attack started to come flooding back.

In addition, we say the ‘sudden’ return of a character back to the Salem canvas so that should give you everything you need to know. Craig, you remember him, the guy who was to marry Leo, but discovered his lover was secretly plotting behind the scenes. Now I will admit, if the writers delivered Craig as the killer I was going to be peeved, especially if the motive was to get revenge on Abigail for blowing up Craig’s romance to Leo. That is a sorry excuse for a murder that was unexpected and the motive is just as weak if not worse than the reveal people. If anything Craig should be happy that Sonny and Abigail saved him from making the worst mistake in his life.

Gabi’s world was rocked and I mean rocked when she came face-to-face with Stefan DiMera! Yes, Stefan is back in the flesh and Gabi could NOT believe her eyes. Remember this woman praises Stefan as her one true love. With that said, Gabi is engaged to Li who has been secretly keeping Stefan alive as a goal to get his hands on the DiMera enterprise. Seems like the DiMera family ONLY focuses on power and business, as EJ has been eagerly working behind the scenes to expose Ava, but Johnny is causing a massive problem people.

Wait what? Yes, Johnny and Ava have gotten closer and closer and people are not pleased with the pairing, Chanel and Allie being part of that mix America. In addition, Ava is thinking she is losing her mind with the notion that Jake is alive, but what she has failed to realize is a DiMera is back from the dead, but it’s not Jake it is Stefan. This resulted in news spreading about Salem about Stefan’s return from the dead and his obsession with Chloe Lane.

EJ is looking to have Stefan in his corner to oust Gabi and to get his shares back, but Chad is NOT in agreement with that move considering that Stefan and Abigail have history and I forget Stefan was quite wicked back in the day people taking advantage of Abigail when her split personality took over.

Really, this is what we’re doing people. It is a mess, especially when Brady is tangled in a legal situation with Kristen regarding their daughter. Kristen is indeed plotting per usual and playing quite dirty in the process, but it will NOT reunite her with Brady, just like Chloe is NOT about to betray Brady for Stefan people. Orpheus has poisoned Kate, Kayla and Marlena, ushering Rex to come back into town to save the day. I swear if someone could off Orpheus it would be the greatest gift not only to Salem, but to viewers of “DOOL” as well people.

Sarah and Xander had a small hiccup in their marriage, but thankfully Maggie got her to see the light of the day, just as Alex finally shared a small smooch with Stephanie and constant pursuit of Steve and Kayla’s daughter who has given him the cold shoulder people. Something tells me Stephanie and Alex won’t be the item, it is looking more and more like Stephanie and Chad might become an item down the line people.