UNITED STATES—The entire scandal involving the hit TLC series “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is startling and abrupt to say the least. When TMZ first broke the news, I was hoping there was no truth to it, but more and more bombshells have come to light.  Mama June, the matriarch of the family was seen in photos with Mark McDaniel, a registered sex offender, who just got out of prison a few months ago.

It was reported that June was dating the guy, which she denies, who happened to be the culprit who molested one of her relatives. That relative turned out to be June’s eldest daughter Anna. This is troublesome in so many ways. Once TLC was produced with more evidence, the network decided to pull the plug on the reality hit.

I can’t say I blame them; in no way could they condone such behavior. What is more frightening is the pics of McDaniel in the presence of June’s youngest daughter Alana aka Honey Boo Boo.

I’m trying to wrap my mind around how this guy is even able to be in the presence of children. Worse, how could June (if the allegations are true) even allow this guy to be anywhere near any of her children, considering what he has done in the past. Sorry there is no justification to this at all, it’s horrid, sick and downright troubling. I can only fathom the psychological breakdown Anna is dealing with, not to mention worrying about the safety of her siblings.

If June isn’t smart enough to realize the danger she is putting her family in, child protective services should intervene as they have to ensure no harm comes to these kids. I can only imagine what might be going through Sugar Bear’s (Alana’s father) mind.  He has to be worried about the wellbeing of his daughter and the rest of the kids that he bonded with.

I was a late fan of the show, but I don’t know if I could even condone or consider watching the series again in the midst of this scandal and knowing what I now know. The most important lesson of all is that the safety of your children comes before anyone else. The fact that Mama June fails to see that is shockingly disturbing.

So in a matter of a few pictures a family has literally been ripped apart, but I am most concerned about the wellbeing of Anna. She was already damaged from this incident that happened nearly 10 years ago, and now is being forced to have to live this nightmare all over again because her mother is choosing to engage in a relationship with the man that has emotionally and spiritually damaged her psyche. What does this scandal tell us? You can be at the top one moment, and knocked to the bottom in less than a week.