UNITED STATES—If anyone tells you right now they are not hurting because of the economy; they might be one of the lucky ones who have so much money or a safety net that spending over $5 a gallon for gas doesn’t put that much of a dent in their wallet. I wish I could say the same thing, but inflation right now in the United States is at its worst and it does NOT seem like it is getting better anytime soon America and that concerns me greatly.

Let’s start where everyone’s wallet is hurting most: gas prices. I mean just a month or two ago gas was under $4 in most states, June 2022, gas is over $5, some places its $7 to $8 a gallon. This is beyond ridiculous people and no one has answers. Not the government, not the President, no one. It just seems like the damn oil companies are being greedy simply because they can. This whole price of the cost for a barrel of oil is high currently is complete baloney in my opinion.

The oil companies know they can do that and because of that they’re doing it. Like it is costing people a $100 to fill up their gas tank. Imagine you have to do that 2 days a week that is $200, whereas in the past you may have spent $40 to $50 to fill-up your gas tank for twice a week. That means you’re losing a $100 a week on transportation needs meaning that money could be going elsewhere like food, utilities or other expenses.

Gas is just one problem, the other problem for Americans is the cost of food and household essentials. I still cannot believe the cost of groceries right now. It is literally beyond frustrating at this point. A carton of a dozen of eggs cost $4. It just baffled me and I just cannot fathom paying for it. I really have gone more than 2-3 weeks without paying for eggs because the cost is just too much. I’ve spent over $500 in groceries just in the past month, whereas in the past I was paying about 1/2. Everything is pricey people; the cost of meat has to be the worst. I cannot fathom paying $8 for a pound of ground beef and the cost of chicken and ground turkey has shot through the roof.

I don’t know how our country or government expects the American people to survive. The cost of your bills is increasing, the cost of services is increasing, you cannot go to Target anymore and NOT purchase items like toilet paper, paper towel, laundry detergent you can no longer purchase in smaller portions. The company’s want you to purchase everything in bulk, but the problem with purchasing in bulk is that you pay more and you don’t even get that much more.

The problem is people may be making more money now as a result of COVID-19 striking in 2020, but the problem is all that extra income is being dosed out in the costs for goods and services people. I had been dining out a bit as of late, but I absolutely have to halt that. It is just costing way too much and its hitting my wallet harder than I ever expected and I don’t like that a single bit people. We’re reaching a point where we all have to pick and choose how we spend our money and what we spend our money on people. That is frustrating as a consumer and it feels like it is getting worse before it gets better. Where does this rise in costs for goods and services end people? Is it going to end or is the consumer going to continue to be hit with high costs while these corporations continue to make more and more as a result? Please anyone, someone answer that question for me.

Written By Jason Jones