STUDIO CITY —The historical region of L.A. known as the home of many studio executives from the past and the present is home to one of the most elegant and magnificent kitchen design centers anywhere. Owner Shane Wilhote can allow his kitchen creations to speak for themselves. The Kitchen Factory is a place to go and speak with expert consultants who can make your dream kitchen a reality. The full service facility is completely functional and the staff make your vision and your goals easier to accomplish. The esteemed company offers designs for not only kitchens, but dining rooms, home offices, laundry rooms and entertainment centers. It’s their exceptional kitchens showroom that captures the attention of clients who arrive to discuss making their most important rooms in their homes more functional and attractive.

Kitchen factory designs services include floor plans, elevations and perspectives. The talented and gifted professionals at the facility offer an almost liberating feeling to those who arrive for consultations and advice. Whether the customer has something in mind already or they are open for suggestions, you leave knowing that the best in the industry of design are on your case.

The Kitchen Factory is not one of those places that leaves the nervous and concerned client to fend for themselves. Their services are vast, complete and accomplished. From preparation and design to demolition, rough-ins, drywall, painting, flooring, scheduling professional workers and carpenters (as well as other trade professionals), counter top and appliance instillation, all the way to final installations are handled by the team that is always available to take your call and will make what can be a daunting task of remodeling and renovations almost stress free for their clients. Each customer can be assured professional, courteous and hands-on services from Kitchen Factory staffers.

These professionals have established relationships with the nation’s top manufacturers and they ensure that your final product is one that you will be happy with and proud to show family, friends and other guests into your home. With The Kitchen Factory on the job, you can be assured of the finest products, best deals and the professionalism of one of the finest companies in the area to offer you an unforgettable experience. This company has left many homes in the region not only more luxurious and beautiful, but also worth a lot more.

The Kitchen Factory is at 12326 Ventura Blvd. in Studio City. For cost estimates or just to speak with any of their team of professionals, you can find their contact information and hours of service, not to mention your opportunity to learn more about a complimentary design and remodeling consultation at their official website by going to Tell owner Shane Wilhote that Canyon News sent you.