HOLLYWOOD—Victoria Franklin, damn either this woman knows how to hold a grudge or she cares zero you know what about her husband the Presidency of the United States. This latest episode of “The Oval,” amply titled ‘Off Limits’ witnessed Victoria step to new lows in an attempt to get what she wants. We discovered the person who accosted Lily in her bed it was Max. She was stunned, as Blakely and Bobby joined the party. Bobby wanted to get inside Donald’s office to gather Intel to help bring him and the corrupt administration down.

Sam alerted Richard that someone tried to assassinate the POTUS. Victoria was NOT pleased to hear Ellie spill the tea about what transpired and she planned to make a grand entrance and it was an exciting one to say the least. Victoria took the podium and gave details to the press about the incident. President Franklin took to the stage and delivered a few words about the incident to calm the nation and the inquiring minds.

So Dale is not dead, that will not please Donald one bit, but Kyle on the other hand will be ecstatic and will seek vengeance. He shared with Kareem and Sharon what transpired and they were surprised when he noted he did not know the person who shot him. I love Sharon; the fact that she bluntly speaks her mind and doesn’t care who is offended or not offended in the process. Dale confirmed that Kyle did not shoot him, and when he learned that Kyle came looking for him it opened his eyes that Kyle may not be as bad as he thinks.

Victoria wanted Ellie fired, but Hunter had other plans, but a threat of ‘death’ was lured in Ellie’s direction. Ellie finally put her foot down on Hunter snapping his fingers and demanding her presence at any given time of the day. Ellie is feeling herself a bit this week; standing up to Hunter and next Donald who seems to think he holds the purse strings even though we know that is not the case.

Allan found himself accosted by Victoria who wanted him to have sex with her. Allan did his best to stand his ground, as Victoria continued to push buttons for Allan to control his girlfriend, which left him speechless to say the least. Donald interrupted the conversation, as taunts were traded people. Allan spilled everything to Donald who as I noted before seems to think he is the puppet master. Nancy made it crystal clear to Barry she was over his disrespectful behavior and if he did it again she was putting him out. Well about time, Nancy!

Nancy spilled to Barry that Ruth wants out of the cult and that she came to the hospital to explain her odd predicament. Kyle confronted Donald about having Dale shot, and his disappointed side emerged. Kyle issued a veiled threat to Lily, but Donald made it clear that she was off limits. Kyle couldn’t believe the words coming out of Donald’s mouth and he made it crystal clear that the game Donald thinks he’s planning is going to cause him to dig his own grave. It looks like Donald is not having his way people.

So there is a bit of a breakthrough with Sam and Priscilla’s relationship. She came to check on her husband and was hoping that the assassination attempt would have taken out her foe, Victoria Franklin. Sam wanted his wife to go home, but she made it clear she wasn’t going anywhere. Kyle revealed that he received a call that someone is trying to access his home computer and all fingers were pointed at Lily. Bobby, Max and Blakely were concerned that Martin may have compromised them. Lily started to unravel, just as Bobby assured her that all will be ok.

Ellie and Allan’s conversation took a turn for the worst, when Donald interrupted per usual and it gave Ellie a bit of laughter people. She can sense the game that Donald is playing and isn’t afraid to push back. Sam asked Richard for help to get Priscilla out of The White House and revealed tea about Priscilla and Victoria’s verbal throw down.

Sam was forced to reveal he didn’t know Jean’s whereabouts, which told Richard everything he needed to know about the situation at hand. Both gentlemen were concerned about Priscilla and what she might do to the First Lady. Victoria got a surprise guest while she was sleeping and it rattled her to the core people. Next week it looks like Jason is up to his antics once again and he has finally pushed Allan too far, and Priscilla continues to play games with Victoria. Oh, I love it people! Until then “The Oval” fanatics!