HOLLYWOOD—A bomb was dropped last week when Richard discovered from that cult that Barry was dead on “The Oval.” Yeah, Richard was trying to process that information, as Nancy was under the influence in the episode, ‘Problem Diverted.’ Richard was forced to get aggressive to get medical treatment for his wife who was under the influence. I do hope Richard is the one that brings the cult to its knees because I’m being honest “Ruthless” is a complete timeline of a mess right now.

Back at Kareem’s place, he was flustered when Sharon and Dale stopped by unexpected, and his odd behavior only raised more flags for Sharon and Dale. Dale tried to calm the situation, but Kareem is only making his situation worse by trying to cover up a crime that he didn’t even commit. Kareem was so queasy and on the verge of breaking down, while trying to cover up Barry’s body. Back at the hospital, Donald summoned Kyle to handle a situation where an officer enforced his authority a bit. Even with Kyle flashing his badge to Officer Heller, he was not budging. Wow, finally a cop/figure of power not being afraid to back down, which prompted Kyle to assault and arrest the officer. Donald is getting on my last freaking nerves on his power trip. Jeez, I want to see Tyler Perry eliminate this character immediately I cannot stand him.

Dale and Sharon learned from that nosy neighbor that Richard and Nancy are not at home, and she disclosed members of the cult were at the home worrying Sharon. Sharon and Richard chatted where questions arose once again about Barry’s whereabouts, but Richard knows the truth, as Sharon was close to discovering the truth. Richard was adamant about a drug test which is the smart move.

Interesting interaction between Eli and Simone, as it was apparent she was about to spill some tea to Bobby about her suspicions. Simone you are smart; you know how to play on people’s weaknesses which is a sign that you are perceptive. The trust is building between Simone and Bobby, she knows something is off with Eli, but Bobby is hesitant to partake, which led to the two chatting a bit. What? Lily decided to call Bobby, who was hesitant to answer, not realizing his former flame is in desperate need of his help.

Sharon and Richard chatted about the situation involving Nancy, but Richard didn’t disclose to Sharon his concerns on Nancy. Sam learned from Richard that the cult showed up to his home and that they were responsible for murdering Barry. Hopefully, we see some action from Sam this time around. Priscilla bounced into the room happy to see her hubby get a beat down courtesy of Bobby.

Whoa, Sam a bit annoyed with Priscilla’s actions called her a, ‘Simple B*tch.’ It raised anger in him as he dropped the bomb that he wanted a divorce. She was livid and made it clear to Sam that she plans to hurt him in the worst possible way. Sam if you dish it you better be able to take it. Now that was a fun scene people. Sam’s inside man was watching waiting to make his move to extract Jason from Allan’s apartment, prompting Sam to make a diversion on his route.

Donald revealed to Victoria and Hunter that they located Jason, which Hunter was not buying at all. However, Donald revealed that Jason is hiding out at Allan’s place. Hunter is truly suspecting that Donald is in on things, and planning to make a move, but he is unaware that Sam and his team are in play also. Victoria on the other hand was worried sick about what might transpire.

Allan and Alonzo were exhausted from staying up all night watching Jason, just as they waited on a call from Sam and the frenetic energy kicked in after Alonzo contacted Sam again to alert him of the situation. Alonzo was being coy instead of disclosing the truth, and then realized that Alonzo, Allan and Jason needed to move IMMEDIATELY, just as action was taken.

Oh, I cannot wait till next week, Jason makes another escape, Kyle thinks he has the upper hand, but soon discovers his lackeys are not in control. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!