HOLLYWOOD—The prize for the worst storyline in the soap universe for 2021 goes to “The Bold and the Beautiful!” How in the hell did the writers honestly think this so called murder mystery involving Vinny, a minor character at best, would appeal to fans? If you are teasing a murder mystery, we expect some mystery. To find out Vinny actually committed suicide in an attempt to frame Liam so Thomas could be with Hope, was just stupid and silly. Add on to the fact OUT of nowhere, Justin learns the truth and keeps Thomas caged as a result to become the mogul of Spencer Publications?

This tale does not get any pathetic people. I think the writers knew to wrap this up as soon as they let the cat out the bag that Vinny jumped in front of the car Liam was driving. Nothing made sense and the viewer’s reaction to the reveal said it all. Disappointing to say the least and it didn’t add any meat to the story either. Justin wanted Liam and Bill to stay locked up as a way of getting Bill to face a bit of retribution for his past misdeeds? Um, I guess, the writers had a much better tale that unfolded this week with Justin wanting a partnership with Ridge (of all people) to take Dollar Bill down to size once and for all.

Ridge already despises Justin for tossing him out of that helicopter at Bill’s request. Yes, Justin has done some devious deeds for Bill in the past, but why not just run with that story to begin with. It was fun to see Bill and Justin come to blows as a result of his betrayal. For once, Bill Spencer got a taste of his own medicine and it was fun to watch. So we have the workings of a revenge plot in the mix people and I want to see this play out.

While all this is happening, Hope and Liam reunited. Ok, at this point let those characters disappear for a while. It is apparent the writers are desperately trying to rehabilitate Thomas and all his dastardly deeds, but for those not in the know, he is still responsible for killing Justin’s niece Emma which I don’t understand how the writers have just ignored that. It is a fact; it should be explored and not ignored. It is as if the writers pick and choose which characters they want to present a different image for. Here’s the problem, viewers want to see characters pay for their misdeeds, if they don’t it only boils our blood that much more.

Just like Thomas, Flo Fulton has never faced consequences for her actions. The audience is forced to see her whine over the fact that not everyone will accept her. You stole someone’s baby, your cousin at that and lied about it for months. You had like a day in jail, donated a kidney and all is to be happy go lucky? No, it doesn’t work like that in the real world, so while soaps exaggerate drama, we want a touch of realness in our storytelling.

With Liam and Hope finally happy, Flo and Wyatt need a storyline, Quinn and Carter’s affair just blew up and Wyatt and Flo are just following people around with not much to do people. It has been like that for more than a year. Give them a story, or send them packing. It has transpired to plenty of couples on the soap, what makes these two any different?

Speaking of Quinn, her world was blown up by Brooke Logan no less and I was thrilled to see all that chaos. Brooke gloated and rightfully so; Quinn delivered a blow to her marriage to Ridge, why not Brooke return the favor. I mean Brooke kissed Bill, she didn’t sleep with him. Eric lashed out, but not in the level of rage I expected to see from the character. Ridge was bewildered and that send off for Zoe Buckingham was just pathetic. We already know now that the secret is out, Quinn and Carter will continue to sneak around until the truth is uncovered yet again and actual chaos erupts.

Like what the hell “B&B” you’re just dropping the ball left and right and I am so disappointed. I had such high hopes for the soap, but 2021 is NOT turning out to be a great year for storylines and with only 5 months left before the year wraps I don’t see what big drama they are bringing to the audience. We’re going to meet Finn’s parents at last, but is there some massive secret we don’t know about Finn that is a game-changer? Guess we will have to wait and see.