HOLLYWOOD—The end is near people. “The Walking Dead” is about to come to the end after 11 seasons and that 11th season kicked off on Sunday. A bit earlier than I expected, I’m used to things kicking off in October. It has been so long I don’t even remember where we left off people. The premiere episode was a big one, so big that it had to be broken up into two parts. ‘Acheron Part I’ witnessed Maggie, Carol, Kelly and Daryl preparing for some sort of mission that placed them in the company of walkers as they aimed to get their hands on materials needed to survive.

Ok, this is a crazy because out of nowhere, all of the walkers awoke and it spelt danger for the gang as they were forced to fight to survive. Seriously what is up with the lighting as of late on the series? It is so dark at times it is hard to see what is transpiring and that is never a good thing for a series that is already dark to begin with. Oh, the suspense here is so scary, as Carol was the last one to be raised to the top and the walkers were indeed closing in on her position people. Carol get your a** on that rope ASAP. Whew, I thought for a second that Carol might indeed be a goner people, this is the final season so all bets are off.

At long last Maggie shares her backstory of what transpired with her mission during that time frame she was MIA. The new threat comes at night and if you spot them it is too late. People were concerned about this mission Maggie wanted to tackle, so at the current moment, Maggie, Daryl, Father Gabriel were journeying to tackle the new threat, the Reapers, as they hunted for goods. I don’t know what evil Maggie has brought to our heroes, but it does not seem like a good one people.

Negan attempting to take over as leader only got underneath Daryl’s skin. Ugh, oh, I sense bad things headed in Negan’s direction. Back at that compound, Eugene, Yumiko, Princess and Ezekiel found themselves being questioned about their past and their upbringing, but I have no idea the reasoning behind this at all people.

These questions are invasive and crazy, how many bowel movements do you have per day. Ezekiel decided to call out a man in storm trooper attire, but he started to have a terrible couching attack, as a direct result of his throat cancer, that led to blood coming up. Well at last, the foursome were reunited and chatted about the questions they were being asked. OMG, Eugene wake the hell up and stop being a lackey? Gosh, out of all the people we’re lost in the entire run of this series, why the hell couldn’t he be one of those people.

Princess hoped to get questions answered, but it seemed the notion of reprocessing has taken a toll on the people who have been there for months and I mean months driving them crazy. The gang was forced to dispatch a ton of walkers wrapped in body bags. Negan is calling friction and I’m liking it people. Negan do you truly want to go to war with Maggie; the woman whose husband you brutally murdered? It led to Daryl delivering a punch to his face and Maggie ready to fire a bullet right into his skull. Oh, the war between these two were teased last season, but it definitely appears one of the two will be taken out by the other before the series comes to an end.

Looks like Princess, Yumiko, Eugene and Ezekiel came up with a plan to escape, but it was halted when Yumiko discovered that her brother was being held at the Common Wealth compound. Daryl, Maggie, Negan and the others got scared when they realized that walkers were on their trail and it became a fight to survive, as they attempted to get inside that abandoned cable car, just as Dog took off in a crawl space that Daryl decided to venture into as Negan considered the same. However, it was Maggie who was in danger, as Negan watched her fight to survive and he did not help.

Ugh, it is not looking good for Maggie people and that scares me. Ugh, I can’t wait until next week to see what unfolds people. Until next Sunday “The Walking Dead” die-hards!