UNITED STATES—I hate technology, I just do. I wish we could return back to the times where we had rotary phones and landlines to rely on solely. The reason I say that is because the cellphone can be your best friend and it can be your worst enemy at the same time. With that said, I have a love and hate relationship with my cellphone because I worry too much; I have anxiety about not checking messages.

Yes, text messages people. As much as I used to like receiving text, it has become my greatest fear. It seems now every time I get a text THEY ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS transpire from work and they happen when I’m not working. It literally drives me insane. Why? I raise the question that no one seems to be able to deliver a valid answer to: why aren’t you texting me when I’m on the clock? I can’t get a clear answer for that and it boils my blood.

That is the thing about working from home, it is never-ending. You don’t have the opportunity to just sign out and NOT be disturbed when your shift has ended. You feel inclined to check an email, to answer a phone, even if you’re NOT scheduled to work America. Companies don’t seem to see things that way. You’re expected to work at all times, no matter how early or how late it may be. That means, if I text you, I email you, I expect you to reply back to me and there should not be a delay in that response.

Here’s the thing about texting someone late at night. It’s not a good look people, especially if the person receiving the text is NOT expecting it and it’s not an emergency. That is like someone calling me at 2 or 3 in the morning. I am immediately going to worry because who in their right mind is going to call someone that late at night if it’s NOT an emergency. Um, no one would. A text is the same thing people, so be attuned to that before you send that text, especially if someone is NOT scheduled to work.

I’m a firm believer that no one should work 24/7. I totally get some people are ok with doing such, I’m not one of those people and no job unless it’s my dream job will put me in a position to want to do such a thing. Why? You’re going to get burnt out and people might think it doesn’t happen, but it doesn’t. Making the work from home stress worse are companies don’t see that with their staff or employees. I mean just because someone is not complaining doesn’t mean they don’t have a ton of stressors going on in their life. They just have an easier way of navigating around such stressors that work best for them.

Don’t assume because you don’t know what someone is going thru and to make matters worse, you have to be compassionate and be aware we are indeed in a pandemic and things are NOT how they used to be and they never will be. I long the days of going into an office and working that set scheduled shift that once I punch out or slide my ID badge at the end of my shift that is it. I’m done the day is over, and I am no longer expected to work. This notion of being on call 24/7 I don’t understand, I don’t appreciate and companies are starting to seriously burn out their employees and that is not a good thing for our country.

Written By Jason Jones