BEVERLY HILLS—This week Hollywood saw marriages crumble, one seems to be on the rebound, another Disney child star is in crisis, Former president Bush writes his memoir, Ryan Kwanten is promoting two projects, NBA star Rick Fox was voted off of “DWTS” and a major star-maker received another great honor.

Courteney Cox says she’s not divorcing husband David Arquette, even after his tell-all interview to Howard Stern last month. David explained to Stern that he and Courteney were not having a lot of sex, and he had an extramarital affair where he cried afterward. What all that is supposed to mean is beyond me. My late grandmother and most people I know would file his confession under “too much information.” Rock star Bret Michaels is denying that he had an affair with Billy Ray Cyrus’s wife, Tish, who has yet to comment on the accusations. Seems as though Hollywood is spinning out of control again.

Actress Demi Lovato appears to have entered rehab after some tough times recently. Her parents thank her fans for their support. This is why most people in the industry believe it’s not a business for children. Demi has been a very popular star for Disney; however, she now joins the list of Disney kids with adult problems, which includes Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus.

“True Blood” hunk Aussie Ryan Kwanten will be debuting his Australian western “Red Hill” this week. The actor also spoke to a reporter a few days ago about his upcoming film “The Family,” which is already getting a lot of buzz and not all of it good. Ryan’s performance is certainly going to be a plus for the film that delves into the life of Charles Manson, who for some reason is considered a charismatic former cult leader. Pardon me, but continuously calling Hitler and Manson “charismatic” just doesn’t seem to work for me.

“Decision Points” by the former President George W. Bush hits bookshelves next week. It’s an engaging book which many won’t like, but that’s what America is all about. The former president will appear on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” on Tuesday promoting his book. Current headlines announced that the former president speaks about Kanye West’s Katrina accusations.

It was shocking that NBA superstar Rick Fox was the one voted off of ABC’s “DWTS” this week.  However, it’s getting down to the finals, so more surprises are surely in store for viewers.

This week, one of the most respected men in the industry was awarded the Artios award for his excellence in casting the hit ABC daytime show “General Hospital.” The three-time Emmy-winner Mark Teschner received another well-deserved honor. “Mark Teschner isn’t just a great starfinder, he’s the uncontested best,” says TV Guide’s Michael Logan. “Nobody in daytime drama has such an uncanny eye for talent. With very few exceptions, the actors Mark casts on ”˜GH’ are people of complexity. It’s easy to find beautiful and sexy types in LA—they’re a penny a dozen, adjusting for inflation—but Mark’s discoveries have all that and they’re bursting with inner life. They have soul, And to recognize soul, you gotta have soul, and the man does! As far as I’m concerned there aren’t enough Artios Awards—or Emmys—to hand this guy.”

One of Teschner’s “General Hospital” stars is film, stage and television icon Constance Towers, who portrays Helena on the ABC soap. “It’s not a surprise when the best win an award but when they are both gifted and nice and are singled out, that’s indeed special. Mark deserves every accolade and honor he receives. Congratulations Mark,” said Towers, who describes herself as a grateful recipient of Mark’s enormous talents.

Ronn Moss will be riding in the 77th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade on Sunday, November 28 in Hollywood. More on this next week.

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Photographs Courtesy: Mark Crosby main portrait and Mark Teschner by ABC Studios
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