HOLLYWOOD—Viewers thought it was just a kiss, until it wasn’t on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” After Liam refused to forgive Hope for kissing and lying about her feelings for Thomas, he requested a divorce. Devastated by the news, Hope did what most people on soaps do after a breakup or secret is exposed, they sleep with someone least or expected and chaos erupts soon after. Thomas and Hope had sex, and it was a dream that became a reality for Thomas who has been fantasizing about this for years.

Hope seemed blown away by the event, and for the first time in a real long time felt she had a man solely committed to her and only her. How do we know? She confessed those feelings and her emotions to Brooke, who burst into Thomas’ apartment and bedroom unexpectedly. Yeah, Brooke’s worst nightmare was staring her in the face: Thomas in bed with her daughter Hope.

Remember how we have all chatted about Hope being so different from her mother Brooke? Yeah, it looks like Hope is indeed more like her mother. Brooke warned Hope to halt before making a massive mistake that will have ripple effects that will change her life more than she can imagine. Hope was not listening to any of it, Thomas tried to put in his two cents, but Brooke did not want to hear any of it.

She forbid Hope pursuing a relationship with Thomas, hell she laid down the law people, and as a result, Hope fought back. She grasped Thomas’ hand where it became clear this might be the new couple. Is it the new super couple? That is to be determined, but we shall see, if news about this fling comes to light. Hope wants to keep it quiet, she asked Thomas to keep it quiet, and then asked Brooke to do the same. Do I expect Brooke to stay mum about this? Nope. Which only frustrated me more with Hope trying to utilize Steffy as the excuse for her desire to be with Thomas? Seriously Hope, you’re deflecting as Liam pointed out, and Finn was sending red flags all over the place about his distrust when it comes to Liam. That is your cue Steffy to disclose the truth.

That brings us to Steffy, who has been conflicted about the melee. Why? Well her former husband, Liam, kissed her not once, but twice, and she has yet to spill that tea to her husband Finn. Yeah, Finn is not going to be happy when he learns his wife is keeping secrets again. Remember, Steffy slept with Liam when she was with Finn and we had that pregnancy debacle where she was unsure who the father was. Luckily, it was Finn, but Steffy had a similar issue involving Kelly. The father could have been Bill or Liam, and I still think there was some paternity fix and Bill might be the actual daddy.

Steffy, Ridge and Taylor are all concerned that this kiss will cause Thomas to spiral again, well, let’s just say if Hope and Liam reunite, I can see Thomas being off his rocker yet again, but wait till they learn Thomas and Hope slept together. Speaking of Steffy, Ridge and Brooke both got insight that feelings might still be there between Liam and Steffy. Ridge alluded to Steffy being there for Liam in his time of need. Hope divulged to Brooke that she’s aware Liam will always hold a torch for Steffy and run to her every time something arises, which guess what: he does!

Wyatt got in on Steffy and Liam’s secret, after prying his brother who revealed he kissed Steffy. Wyatt was dumbfounded with the reveal. It is time for the writers to give Wyatt a damn storyline. He feels like a stand-in and a person who just happens to be a listening ear for Liam and Bill when they need one. This was a character that burst onto the scene with such potential, but it seemed once he was tied to Flo Logan, which fans have despised since the big reveal about her role in Beth’s baby swap storyline, nothing has happened with him story wise. It just feels like “The Bold and the Beautiful” has so many characters, and almost half of them are underutilized. The same characters have the same focus week after week and it just gets stale after a period of time.

Why is RJ there? What is going on with Eric and Donna? What about Katie Logan? What about Bill Spencer? What about Finn? All these characters are part of the series, but nothing is taking place with them. Sheila finally got a visitor in jail when Deacon stopped by to see her, but ok, what else? I mean when the show teased that mystery guess who Sheila was writing, I thought it might be her get out of jail ticket, but it turned out to be Jack, Finn’s father. Nothing has transpired since.

There are storylines on this soap that just need movement because my interest has waned in more ways than I can count. It feels like Brooke’s warning to Hope is about to turn into a messy custody battle between Liam and Hope regarding Beth. I’ll tell you why? Liam is NOT going to allow his daughter to be in Thomas’ presence especially after what he did in hiding the truth. We all know Bill has judges in his back pocket, and I sense, Liam’s dark side is about to emerge, he’s about to become the Spencer that his father is, and it’s a welcome change for the character. I mean Liam will have plenty of ammunition and every right to do so.

I mean Thomas’ last stunt with Child Protective Services will be enough to get Liam sole custody of Beth if that bomb is dropped in court because Thomas would have no argument people and neither would Hope. She would be placing her child in danger by allowing Thomas to be in her presence, and the judge would side with Liam EVEN IF BILL SPENCER WAS NOT PAYING THEM OFF! I like this, I want to see Liam’s dark side emerge. We got a taste when Steffy cheated on him with Bill, but he never went full blown dark. Learning Hope slept with Thomas will completely impact Liam in a way audiences never expected. I am eager for this development “B&B” fans.