HOLLYWOOD—I have a love hate relationship when it comes to Victor Newman on “The Young and the Restless.” At times he can be annoying, but at the same time he is the patriarch of a family who is quite powerful in Genoa City. The thing I appreciate the most about Victor is everything he does is for his family. He is a family man at the core and he does seem to know most of the time what is right and wrong for his family. He knows when his grown children are making mistakes in their personal lives and professional lives.

Victor has been quiet on the front for a period of time, but that all changed this week people. He called an emergency family meeting that had Nick, Victoria, Adam and even Nate shaking in their boots. Victor realized his kids were NOT properly running the empire he slaved to build to the titan it is: Newman Enterprises. He has allowed Victoria to run the company making decisions with minimal input even though his eyebrow has been raised on several occasions.

Notably, with her decision to appoint Nate in control of Newman Media, even though he has little to no experience at all, and tried to betray his own family. Making the situation worse was his appointment of Audra Charles as COO and the audience discovering these two have been conspiring behind the scenes for a period of time. Well Victor scolded his daughter for forcing Nick out of the company, scolded Adam for his antics involving their acquisition of McCall Unlimited and then told Nate straight to his face, “I don’t trust you.” If Victor tells you that, that is him placing you on notice.

I’ve always known that Victor was skeptical of Nate, but NOW that he has voiced it, Nate should be very weary of any move he makes because it means Victor is likely a step or two or three ahead of him. Adam was livid with Victor announcing he’s now in charge and he’s making the moves. Victor told him to walk if he didn’t like it and guess what: Adam being Adam decided to walk people. He voiced to Sharon his concerns which left her slightly speechless. Oh, we will talk more about Sharon in a minute because it’s important.

I have no clue what the writers are planning in the romantic department. I thought the whole Cameron Kirsten saga would bring Sharon and Nick closer, but it was for a minute. Sharon and Chance finally hooked up and it was steamy! Adam could be a candidate for Sharon or possibly Sally. I really have no clue right now, because Nick could be back aligned with Sally, even though in my heart of hearts he belongs with Sharon.

Sharon and Nick will NOT be happening anytime soon with this Chance hookup. These two have been growing closely for months and it finally transpired and they have great chemistry. At the same time, I thought the writers might be considering a Chance and Summer hookup with all their bonding over Phyllis’s situation. Speaking of Phyllis, she was finally arrested and is beginning to face the music for her deception. I’ll be honest: I don’t care about this storyline. The writers are totally floundering usage of Michelle Stafford as an actress. They can do so much more with Phyllis and it just is not happening.

Kyle had to all but confess to Summer that he had a fling with Audra who isn’t doing herself any favors with this move. You work for Victor Newman, Victor does not work for you, and if you cross anyone in his family, you will pay with consequences. Do you think Victor will respond well to Audra sleeping with his granddaughter’s husband, while they’re facing a difficult time? Nope, and Audra has been on cloud nine, but I think she is about to get a taste of reality that will be a tough pill for her to swallow, as Summer caught Audra and Nate more cheerful than they should be as business partners. It looks like Summer Newman might be the one to expose these two.

Jack and Ashley are still at war, and Billy and Traci are being intertwined with this drama which is something that is not making them happy at all when it comes to choosing sides. Jack has his feelings about Tucker and Ashley has his feelings about Diane. My gut tells me Ashley is going to be the one that is hoodwinked because I do believe Tucker is up to no good, even though he seems to care about Ashley.

Devon and Abby have moved into the Chancellor mansion, just as Devon offered his penthouse to Lily who was speechless by the offer, but ultimately accepted. I love that the writers are pairing Lily and Daniel together. Those two were great in the past, and I expect them to be even greater in the present. With that said, the focus of the hour is Victor Newman’s next power move, he has one coming and I am just waiting for that pin to drop “Y&R” fans!