HOLLYWOOD—I am trying to figure out precisely what the writers are planning on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” with Thomas Forrester. Is he a villain or an anti-hero? I mean if we were to rewind five years ago, without a doubt Thomas Forrester was a villain. He did any and everything he could to serve what behooved him the most. At the top of that list is a relationship with Hope Logan. I mean he threatened people, kept a baby from her mother for months, manipulated his son, threatened his son, told countless lies to his family including his sister, called Child Protective Services on himself to frame his stepmom, shall I continue?

Now, in a twist of fate, Thomas has somehow turned over a new leaf. He is a changed man as Ridge and Steffy have noted. I don’t think you just change overnight. Was it him getting fired from Forrester Creations after his latest stunt involving Brooke that appalled Ridge as he was about to marry his former wife, Dr. Taylor Hayes again under false pre-tenses?

Ridge raged at his son once again, and everyone rallied around Douglas who once again saved the day by spilling the truth and exposing his flawed father. Since then, Hope has had a lust for Thomas that came out of nowhere. It led to a kiss that destroyed her marriage to Liam. Yes, Liam and Hope are dunzo at the moment, but I think they will reunite in the coming months, it will just take some time people. I see the Thomas and Hope relationship as friends with benefits, not actual love, it feels more like lust.

The big shift was within recent weeks when Thomas proposed marriage to Hope. Yes, he did that and Liam recently found out and flipped out. Rightfully so, you just signed the paperwork on your divorce, I think it is too much and Thomas’ theory that Hope would say yes is dangerous. Why? Steffy knows her brother is just one wrong move from spiraling. Hope dumping Thomas would send him into a spiral, and with Xander spilling tea about Thomas being tied to Emma’s death is escalating the danger.

Why? Finn is adamant that he doesn’t trust Thomas now, more than ever, and this is in the middle of him just repairing his marriage with Steffy after all the Sheila mess. Yeah, Sheila Carter has been MIA for weeks, but she made a return with Deacon recently. More on that later. Thomas spilled all to Hope about what happened the night Emma died, and she was scared. That is the emotion I felt after she learned Thomas was there when Emma died, and he didn’t contact 911. I would argue that meant he wanted her dead and we all saw that sinister look Thomas delivered. I think that confession opened Hope’s eyes to what Brooke and Steffy have been echoing for months now, her relationship with Thomas is quite dangerous and she needs to cut him loose. She seems nervous to be around Thomas, but is placating him, as she realizes he could flip if he feels he’s losing her.

Steffy has been adamant that Finn back-off this theory that Thomas played a role in Emma’s death, but the story Thomas told Hope is not the same story he told Steffy. Xander is not backing down, and I fear we might have a casualty erupt as we near February Sweeps and it could be Xander Avant. With that said, Eric Forrester is making a recovery; while slow and steady it is nice to see the fashion titan get better each day to the delight of his family.

There is still friction in the Forrester clan as RJ and Zende are going toe-to-toe. Zende thinks he should be helping his grandfather with the design of his collection and not RJ who just swooped in and wanted no part of the family business at the start. These two are so close to coming to blows that I cannot wait to see that happen, if it does. Zende is not just looking to go after his cousin on a professional level; he seems to be going after his personal life as he is smitten with Luna. Yes, he set up an impromptu dinner for Luna who thought it was RJ’s doing.

Careful Luna, you are playing with fire, and it looks like some heartache could be in RJ’s future, just as he was ready to take the next step with Luna, as they ran into Bill Spencer and Poppy getting hot and heavy. Yeah, it is becoming so obvious that Luna is Bill’s long-lost daughter he never knew about, and after two times before this is a bit stale. We saw this already with Bill as it pertains to Liam and Wyatt, now we have a third go-around where every woman Bill bedded just refused to spill that he was going to be a father?

It feels like bad writing here, I’m sorry, Bill is a wicked guy, but he’s not that bad he should have all of his kids kept from him and not have the opportunity to raise any of them, except Will whom he shares with Katie. It just feels like a waste of talent from actor Don Diamont, who I thought would be paired with Krista Allen after Ridge choose Brooke, but that didn’t happen, Allen is out as Dr. Taylor Hayes and Katie is with Carter, but they aren’t truly utilizing Heather Tom as the amazing actress she is. Hello, she won the Daytime Emmy Award for Lead Actress several times for a reason; she is top-tier talent.