HOLLYWOOD—If you thought Thomas Forrester learned his lesson after his fiasco with Brooke, Ridge, Taylor, Douglas and the Child Protective Services fiasco on “The Bold and the Beautiful” think again. Guess what, he hasn’t. Thomas is still acting on his deceptive ways and he’s now about to go toe-to-toe with someone who isn’t going to accept his mess. That person is blood and I’m not referring to Ridge or Taylor, I’m talking about Steffy Forrester.

Thomas was certain by drawing up legal paperwork to allow Douglas to choose who he wants to live with. He suspected Douglas would choose him, so did Hope and Liam. They were both wrong. He chose his Aunt Steffy. Why? No tension in that household. There is tension between his parents which is causing the little one to endure levels of stress no child should have to endure. Hope was torn up about the decision, crying incessantly.

While Thomas explained to his grandfather, he saw it as an opportunity to spend more time with his son, which of course Steffy wants. However, at the same time, she had every intent to ensure her nephew’s wellbeing. Thomas felt that Steffy and Finn were limiting his accessibility to his son this week and he issued a veiled threat, and that’s what I said, “The old Thomas Forrester is back!”

Steffy didn’t seem too worried about Thomas’ stance, however, Finn did not like it one bit, as he felt it was a threat and I totally agree. Thomas feels like he is about to be off his kilter yet again, which could bring more stress to their household with Hayes and Kelly, not to mention worrying about Sheila and Bill. Let’s talk about Sheila because she let Deacon have it who confessed his feelings. Yeah, Deacon is jealous of Bill and Sheila, but Sheila is having none of it.

She put her former flame in his place letting it be known Deacon was her past and Bill is her future. Looks like Bill senses something is off with Sheila and it is fun to see that Bill is starting to open his eyes a bit people. Does he realize he is being manipulated by this woman? What is Sheila doing to him, looks like the answer to that question is knocking at the viewer’s door America and its long overdue and I’m glad to see something taking place now.

However, the audience needs to know how Bill fell for Sheila and so quickly because the dots are not connecting for me. In other news, Hope has nothing to do but meddle as she suspected Taylor was up to no good when it comes to Brooke. Really, Hope, try to focus on your fashion line not your mother’s love life. Your mother is not complaining which means neither should you. This is what happens when characters don’t have much to do “B&B.” It is time to cook up a new storyline as we’re nearing the end of February Sweeps and there hasn’t been any big reveal or game-changing secrets that have come to light.