HOLLYWOOD—Love is a crazy thing people and it makes us all do crazy things sometimes. Well, love is indeed in the air on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Thomas fell quite hard for Sally Spectra; heck, she’s unlike any woman he has ever met. She’s bold; she’s blunt and not afraid to go toe-to-toe with his divalicious sister Steffy. However, the brake on Thomas and Sally’s love affair was halted with news that Sally and her grandmother masterminded a plot to steal Forrester Creations fashions to pass off as their own.

With Steffy and Ridge hell-bent on making the Spectra clan pay, Thomas was a bit conflicted on what to do. However, in the end it was love that won over, as the reckless Forrester did right for once and spoke on behalf of Sally at her hearing. Steffy was not happy with the outcome, but when is this woman ever happy? I mean she killed her cousin, and seemed the least bit remorseful about it. If the writers were smart, this would be the perfect time to utilize that mystery to intertwine a possible blackmail storyline involving the Spectras. I mean how great would it be if the Spectra clan blackmailed Steffy for a crime that she was certain she got away with?

So with Thomas and Steffy reuniting, and Spectra Fashions looking to close shop is there any way for things to survive. Well, Zende could change things people. From photographer to fashion designer, his aspirations have shifted, but to no surprise Steffy is not willing to allow him to pounce at the opportunity. Yeah, I know, there is plenty of hate for Steffy, but this is a character that the writers seem to deliver little to no range to. She is either cold as ice at all times or happy as hell at all times. One bright spot for the Spectra family is the revelation that Liam is starting to realize that his father, the duplicitous Bill Spencer is responsible for putting things in motion to ensure Spectra didn’t survive to further his construction goals.

Wyatt is well aware of the secret, but considering he hasn’t had much of a storyline for weeks, what else is he to do? Nothing, so Liam might save the day with his constant do-right attitude, which you sometimes have to praise. Liam dropping the bomb will teach bill a lesson, but could ignite a rivalry between Spectra and Spencer, not to mention woo Brooke back to Ridge, once she discovers how dirty her husband to be really is. Yes, Brooke has already moved on from Ridge onto Bill with the snap of a finger.

Gosh, its May sweeps already; drop the bomb to Eric about Ridge and Quinn’s secret tryst. The more people who know a secret (Ridge, Quinn, Brooke, Ivy and Katie) the sooner it will get out. While everyone is ok keeping the secret to protect Eric, Katie is the only sole voice of reason willing to force both Quinn and Ridge acknowledge that there is more going on between them then they’d like to submit.

Katie is constantly poking at Quinn over this secret, and it is absolute Heaven to watch Quinn gravel. I was on the fence about Katie dropping this secret, but the more I think about it, I CANNOT wait to see Katie reveal the dirty secret that is going to have so many ripple effects. The mere idea of seeing Eric realizing the betrayal by the people who ‘love’ him might deliver some of the finest acting to date from John McCook. One week done in the month of May, 3 weeks to go, so let’s see some explosive fireworks people.