WESTWOOD—The Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Commission has recommended making a recently closed-down Irish tavern on South Fairfax Avenue a historical monument. Tom Bergin’s Irish Tavern was unanimously recommended in March by the Cultural Heritage Commission. The recommendation will go to Los Angeles City Council for further consideration.

The Los Angeles Department of City Planning found that the old tavern “exemplifies significant contributions to the broad cultural, economic or social history of the nation, state, city or community,” excluding the taverns architecture. The Los Angeles Conservancy argued that the tavern should be recognized for its architecture as well.

In the fall of 2018, preservationists feared that the tavern would be demolished if it did not make historic monument status. The nomination for Tom Bergin’s Tavern for Historic Cultural Monument was submitted by the Los Angeles Conservancy, Miracle Mile Residential Association, and a newly formed group who called themselves the Friends of Tom Bergin’s.

Ken Hixon the Vice President of the Miracle Mile Association said during an interview with Los Angeles Magazine in 2018 that, “Bergin’s is considered a ‘landmark’ by thousands of people throughout Los Angeles, yet it does not have that official status or the protections it deserves.” He added, “If Bergin’s doesn’t get HCM [Historical Cultural Monument] status, it is a sure bet that it will be demolished and redeveloped.”

The historic tavern originally opened in 1936 and was named Tom Bergin’s Old Horseshoe Tavern and Thoroughbred Club. It’s first location was located at 6110 Wilshire Boulevard. According to the Department of City Planning, the tavern was moved to its present-day location on South Fairfax Avenue in 1949. The Irish tavern and restaurant closed in 2018 after being in business for almost 80 years.