UNITED STATES—Ever traveled alone? It seems absurd to some people, but it is fun when you make it. You might be wondering why the hell you would travel alone. Well, people are different and with different preferences.

Whether you are traveling alone for fun or to get over a breakup, the reason doesn’t really matter. What matters is how you intend to hack your way during that period. Below are some solo travel tips that will help you navigate through.

1.    Plan in advance

Travelling requires a plan. Identify where you want to go and know the necessary documents you need to carry with you. Get in touch with people who are there. Find out the places you can tour around, the popular joints as well as any free parks.

If saving is significant while on your trip (it should be for everyone), consider identifying places that are free like the beach and parks or museums.

Keep your finances in check before traveling. Ever gone to open a bank account and they merely said you couldn’t. Checking your Chexsystems report is crucial as it helps you dispute in cases of any errors. LetMeBank.com is a great avenue to help you know how to go about it.

2.    Consider Airbnb

Since you are traveling alone, it could work in your favor to consider a place you have to share a house with the owners. Such an option will help you negotiate terms with your host. They may even offer to pick you up at the airport. Opportunities like this are a great platform to form a rapport with the host; who knows, maybe they could end up being your tour guide!

On the contrary, when you book a hotel, you may end up feeling a bit lonely. However, some people value their privacy and opt for hotel rooms which is quite okay.

3.    Pack what is necessary

For ladies, it’s pretty reasonable to want to carry excess clothes even when they are not entirely needed.  Considering that you are traveling alone, you need to pack lightly. Pack what can fit in one bag which you can carry easily.

Keep in mind that you will be carrying the bag all alone. There are times you will need to navigate through tricky places such as the stairs, and you don’t want to struggle with your bags.

There may be washing services where you go so you can just carry a few clothes and get them washed. After all, nobody is keeping track of whether you wear the same shirt after two days.

4.    Consider a company that caters for solo travelers

As the competition becomes stiff, people are venturing out. Some companies specialize in catering for such people. In their services, you’ll find that they have accommodation services where they pair up people of the same gender in rooms.

There is also private accommodation for people who don’t feel like sharing. However, this is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow solo travelers.

5.    Travel during the day

For security purposes, it’s essential to travel during the day. Make sure that where you are going, the arrival time will still be during the day. You don’t want to arrive at night and start wondering what next. Most especially, if it is a place you have never been before, that means you don’t know about your safety at night.

If you arrive at night, ensure that you use a reliable source of transport to avoid any surprises. You don’t want to have incidences of mugging.

6.    Charge your phone

Thankfully, with technological innovation, power banks are now available. Before leaving the house, ensure that you have fully charged your phone. Also, carry your power back in case there is a flight delay.

It’s horrifying to have your phone go off, and you have no idea where you are going. Always be on the lookout as your phone is your best friend before arrival.

7.    Research on a walking tour

Locals in the area will often offer tours to tourists. Such activities are most likely to attract solo travelers. This is a great chance to meet new friends. With such organized walking tours, the locals may opt to have the pay-what-you-can option. That way, you are not limited to how much you should pay.

Such an opportunity gives you the chance to get people who are like-minded. The guides will also be helpful in advising on the local favorites which you could put in your bucket list.

8.    Visit local joints

Traveling solo means not keeping to yourself. Go out there; go to a local joint that has excellent food. Mingle with people and get to learn more about the place. You will be surprised at identifying a meet-up group who are friendly enough to invite you for their regular Friday night meals.

If you have been postponing solo travel, the above tips should jumpstart the journey. You may actually enjoy it and make it a habit.