HOLLYWOOD—In 2015, I may have been one of the biggest champions for the NBC soap “Days of Our Lives.” The soap completely revitalized itself with a serial killer storyline that was a must-see in the midst of its 50th anniversary. On top of that, the soap that was a staple in so many households, returned to its roots with great storylines and the return of characters who fans have been eagerly asking for.

Well, it’s been awhile people, quite some time since I last wrote about “DOOL.” Why? Well, not much has happened to make the soap a must see in my opinion, but it appears that may soon change with November sweeps. So much has transpired where do we begin people? Well let’s kick things off with that long held secret about Stefano’s true murderer finally being revealed, and in a public way to say the least.

Yes, Andre implemented his plan to oust Hope’s confession for the murder of her father Stefano, during a Halloween event in Salem square. Yep, Andre played that recording that he obtained from Aiden’s computer of Hope’s confession to fatally shooting Stefano DiMera in cold blood.

What is the caveat to this tale? Rafe Hernandez played a role in helping Hope cover the crime, and Roman has been fully aware of the dastardly deed as well. Hope has been arrested, but rather she’ll face charges in the crime is still up in the air. The big tale that has been touted for the past few weeks is the treacherous trio of Clyde, Orpheus and Xander who broke out of prison and decided to wreck all sorts of havoc on the residents of Salem. In particular, Kayla and Marlena found themselves nearly buried alive, but Steve and John came to their rescue.

Deimos who rode into Salem to cause havoc for his brother Victor has diluted his madness, as he has focused his energy on Chloe and her bun in the oven. Man was the revelation of who the father of Chloe’s baby an absolute stunner people. Why? Deimos is not the father! The child belongs to Daniel and Nicole! Yes, Nicole who has been eager, and I mean eager to have a child, might finally get her wish after countless tragedies. I am eagerly waiting for this reveal to come to light because Nicole’s reaction might be the thing that catapults actress Arianne Zucker to that long-awaited Daytime Emmy win people.

Theresa’s happily ever after seems dire people. Why? Well a boyfriend from the past, Mateo, a drug cartel from Mexico has threatened harm to her son Tate, and Brady. Victor seems ambivalent to helping his ‘nemesis,’ which prompts Theresa to put on a show to display her old tactics to convince everyone that her decision to leave is a decision she made on her own (hint, she’s being threatened to do so).

It looks like the love affair between Gabi and JJ is about to blow up in smoke. JJ cheated on Gabi during a drunken one-night stand, while Gabi is getting closer to her former flame Chad. Hmm, I wonder how that relationship will turn out when Abby, who has been secretly parading around Salem unveils she has returned home to claim what is hers.

I had to recollect my thoughts because it is indeed November sweeps, and we’ve covered all the major soaps airing on network TV right now, yet I haven’t seen fireworks. Am I missing something people, or is the best yet to come?