UNITED STATES—President Trump supporters in several states have been taking to the streets and the water in support at a distance during COVID-19.

A parade honoring President Donald J. Trump occurred on Saturday, July 25, in Fort Worth, Texas. Trucks decked out with Trump signs and participants with American, Blue Lives Matter and Don’t Tread on Me flags marched through the center of town to the tune of Lee Greenwoods, “God Bless the USA.”

People were marching together and chanting, “USA, USA, USA” and “Four More Years.” At  the rear of the parade was a police truck pulling a trailer and a whole crowd of officers in uniform riding their bicycles.

A boat parade took place in Lake Ray Hubbard in Dallas, Texas on the same weekend.

MAGA Parade On Logan Martin Lake, Pell City, AL

Joel and Katie Medina invited the entire community on July 25 at 2:00 p.m. Boaters were asked to meet close to Bass Pro in Garland, Texas, and to be sure to have proper life jackets on board and practice social distancing. Garland is just outside of Dallas. The view from the I30 bridge showed boats as far as the eye could see decked out in  Trump gear.

The Trump Boat parades have become popular across the United States. Those reporting on a SC Trump Boat Parade over the Fourth of July weekend posted they may have broken a record for how many people came out to Lake Murray. The Trump Boat Parades in Florida and Michigan were held on June 14 for President Trump’s birthday, which is also Flag Day.