HOLLYWOOD—When did this takedown Tucker McCall come to fruition on “The Young and the Restless.” It just feels like the writers are grasping at straws at this moment, and I’m bored. I totally can understand Jack and Diane’s reasoning for wanting to take down their rival. Jack and Diane’s master plan involves utilizing Billy Abbott of all people as a mole to get Ashley and Tucker to trust him, as he feeds information to Jack and Diane to take down Tucker.

However, guess who else is hoping to take down a rival: Phyllis. Yeah, remember we last talked about Phyllis being in a heap of trouble for faking her death and killing a man? Well, just scrap that because she’s off the hook and looking to redeem herself. I swear ONLY on a soap opera can you commit heinous deeds and get away with literal murder and face no consequences. Well if you do, you face the backlash for like a week and then all is fine.

If you think I’m lying just look at Ben Weston from “Days of Our Lives.” He was a serial killer, who supposedly got reformed and is no longer a threat. Well, what about the people he killed (Serena and Paige) to name a few and the people he terrorized (Abigail and Chad)? Yeah, you want to have a touch of reality with your drama, not all is peaches and butterflies. Phyllis is living on cloud nine right now and aiming to reform her sins of the past by working to takedown Tucker McCall, but I have no understanding as to why she plans to do this.

Make it make sense for me America because I’m not buying what is being sold to me right now, I’m not. Yes, he paid off the EMT Carson for Phyllis, but I don’t think it was to have leverage over her, I think he was honestly trying to help her. However, now that Adam has that information in his back pocket, he is going to utilize that in his mission to blow up Newman Media the way he wants.

With that said, I loved and I mean loved seeing Victor have that sit down meeting with Nate and letting him know straight up, a Newman will ALWAYS run the family business, not an outsider. That led to Nate having a gulp in his throat as he realized that strategy to take over Newman Enterprises might have to be adjusted. Victor has something planned for Nate; he knows that guy is up to no good and that is quite worrisome to say the least.

With that said, Nate and Audra are considering new strategies, as they continue to pull the wool over Victoria, but Nick and Adam are not backing down. Adam has never trusted Audra and rightfully so as he makes moves to ensure she gets the boot. While Nick continues to put Nate on notice and this battle between egos is going to culminate at some point and I cannot wait to see it. Let’s revisit Audra Charles who is still hot and heavy with Kyle, who is loving his single life. Kyle, you are still married buddy, and Jack and Diane are worried you are spiraling, not to mention Summer delivered a wicked slap when she learned the truth. I would have rather seen Summer deliver a slap to Audra’s face instead.

This brings me to something I cannot quite pinpoint yet, what is going on with Summer and Chance? Chance just hooked up with Sharon, but he has this strong bond to Summer and that was showcased this week at the park, during a scene that was interrupted by Sharon of all people. Could we see a love triangle involving Chance, Summer and Sharon? It feels like it or Chance might be exploring his options now that he is divorced from Abby. Speaking of Abby, she is playing house with Devon as they start planning nuptials for their parents. Yeah, talk about the irony there.

Lily and Daniel had sex after an interesting painting segment, just as Mariah discussed options with Tessa about leaving Jabot and joining Sharon on her new business venture. Yes, the business arena in GC is constantly shifting by the minute people. That’s not all, Jack and Diane are officially married, which caused Ashley to blow her top and Billy to overact in a way that should have sent red flags to everyone. It did not, which is a testament to bad writing, I’m sorry.

What is the endgame here: Jack booting Ashley from the company? That will only make the rivalry between these siblings even worse. Jack and Ashley are in the same boat as Abby said, trusting people who betrayed them in the worse way possible and still attempting to see the good in them without a blind eye. Truth be told, I really don’t care about this tale “Y&R” fans, it feels forced and a bit stale for my liking.