SANTA MONICA—On Saturday, July 4, the owners of Larkellen Lifestyle Boutique announced that they would permanently close their store because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Located at 718 Montana Avenue, Larkellen—as it is called by many locals—has won two “Most Loved Santa Monica” awards. The first was for being the “Most-Loved Business on Montana Avenue” in 2018, and the second was for being the “Most Loved Local Retailer” in 2019.

Larkellen is a family-owned business. Lissa Solomon, one of the owners, said that “being [asthmatic] and having had a TIA placed my health at risk” and closing the store “was a no brainer.” The shop was named after the street she grew up on in Los Angeles—her parents still live there now.

The targeted closing date for Larkellen is July 31, 2020. 20%, 40%, and 50% discounts will be offered on all products “with strict safety protocols in place.” Opening hours are flexible and those interested in viewing the items should message @larkellen_santamonica on Instagram. Private appointments in the evenings and on Sundays can be arranged too.

“We will miss all of the small family businesses we’ve come to know as friends with their amazing, creative, made in the USA brand, our reps of whom we are lucky to call friends, clients who made us laugh, smile and sometimes a little crazy,” the announcement read. “There are so many people to thank for all of our good fortune. You all know who you are.”