HOLLYWOOD—I thought last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was one of the best of the season people. So the question everyone wanted to know is rather the next episode would be able to follow-up the premiere episode people. This week’s episode, ‘New Haunts’ witnessed the gang (a vast majority of them) getting accustomed to Pamela and the establishment known as the Commonwealth.

They are celebrating Halloween and have an actual haunted house with people or actual walkers. Hmm, does not seem like the smartest thing if I’m being honest America. Daryl was still hesitant about issues at the new place, while Carol has adapted well, Connie is a reporter and Rosita and Gabriel’s relationship seems to be going strong. However, Carol did spot something off with Ezekiel which led to her doing a bit more digging.

The fact that this place has existed this long without anyone knowing is beyond crazy. Carol managed to steal a pair of keys while doing some digging of her own to find out what is going on with Ezekiel, but she got caught by Yumiko’s brother who spilled the information to her. Carol teared up realizing that Ezekiel’s time is slowly slipping away, and Ezekiel has no idea. Having that surgery sooner than later is vital. Daryl and Rosita did a bit of training paired with others, hoping to be paired with one another, but our titan, Mercer with that Stormtrooper suit proves to be an authority figure who doesn’t like to be challenged one bit people.

Rosita was caught off guard a bit by a walker, but managed to take them out, same as Daryl. Rosita and Daryl are proving they like to work solo, not as a collaborative effort unless they have to. Daryl failed the test. Carol is a little digger is she not people? It seems currency is a big thing in the Commonwealth. While snooping at the vineyard Carol was ambushed by walkers. Rosita decided to aide Daryl in his latest test at the Commonwealth.

So after about 30 minutes into the episode, we finally get a bit of tension between Pamela and her son, Sebastian. Carol pushed to get Ezekiel seen sooner than later, just as Judith and Daryl continued to adjust to their new housing arrangements. Mercer and Princess attended the fancy soiree, where Yumiko was also in attendance with her brother, as the tension between Lance and Pamela was evident. Pamela’s father served in The White House, which led to a moment where a member of the Commonwealth just wanted to know that the others knew he existed. Yumiko and Princess recognized the guy as the Stormtrooper she gave a beating inside that train cart people. His name is Tyler Davis, who held Pamela’s assistant at knifepoint before fleeing the gala.

Sebastian captured Tyler, but it was outburst his outburst rattled Pamela and Lance to say the least. Tyler really rattled the Commonwealth and like I said if you think you can trust someone you cannot. Magna alerted Rosita that all is not it seems. Carol and Ezekiel shared a moment, one that involved them remembering Henry. I swear I chuckled watching Daryl in that Stormtrooper outfit. That ending was intriguing as Rosita stumbled upon a disturbing scene one that has her concerned to say the least. Secrets are being held, people are not all equal people. Ok, I wondered what the hell was going to take place, but “The Walking Dead” you have my attention people.